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end of 1861 sea related jobs

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  • Cci
    James Milne unm 44 seaman William Alexander 17 seaman Alexander Alexander 15 seaman Robert Milne 60 fisherman George Milne 22 fisherman James Milne 16
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      James Milne unm 44 seaman
      William Alexander 17 seaman
      Alexander Alexander 15 seaman
      Robert Milne 60 fisherman
      George Milne 22 fisherman
      James Milne 16 fisherman
      George Strachan 69 fisherman
      Alexander Mackie 48 seaman
      Ann Cordiner 47 seamans wife
      William Buchan 30 ship master
      Alexander Robertson 46 fisherman
      John Robertson 34 fisherman
      Mary Buchan or Cord? 35 sailors wife
      Andrew Watt 55 fisherman
      Ann Tahin 30 seamans wife
      Alexander Tair 72 fisherman
      Mary Taylor 28 sailors wife
      Alexander Keith 75 seaman
      Alexander Geddes 52 ship carpenter
      Alexander Buchan 29 fisherman
      James Cordiner 31 fisherman
      John Buchan 64 fisherman
      James Buchan 17 fisherman
      Alexander Watt 37 fisherman
      Alexander Strachan 40 fisherman
      Alexander Mason 28 ship carpenter
      William Buchan 25 fisherman
      John Geddes 33 fisherman
      John May 82 fisherman
      Jane Herriot 41 ship carpenters wife
      Alexander Mason 28 ship carpenter
      William Buchan 25 fisherman
      John Geddes 33 fisherman
      James Don 65 Pilot
      John May 82 fisherman
      David Stephen 64 seaman
      George Cordiner 22 fisherman
      Margaret Robertson 30 sailors wife
      Alexander Mackie 19 ships carpenter
      John McLean 35 fisherman
      Elizabeth Alexander 42 sailors wife
      Alexander Strachan 36 fisherman
      Catherine Mior 34 sailors wife
      Margaret Marshall 29 sailors wife
      Alexander Brown 40 ships carpenter
      Francis Ewing 67 sailor
      Mary A. Mundie 30 sailors wife
      Christian Calder 24 sailors wife
      Sarah McLeod 30 seamans wife
      William Clark 19 ships carpenter
      Agnes Byres 28 seamans wife
      Margaret Strachan 26 seamans wife
      James Hendrie 60 seaman
      Eliza Leask 35 seamans wife
      Jessie Foster 36 seamans wife
      Helen Sle?er 22 seamans wife
      George Bruce 55 ships carpenter
      George Bruce 17 ships carpenter
      John Sandison 44 seaman
      William Duncan 42 seaman
      Margaret Duncan 72 fishermans widow
      Andrew Buchan 44 seaman
      David Baird 35 seaman
      James Davidson 26 ahips carpenter
      Magdalen Jamieson 58 seamans wife
      Isabella Copland 23 seamans wife
      Rachal Watt 43 seamans wife
      George Baird 38 seaman
      Alexander Davidson 18 ships carpenter
      Alexander Milne 61 seaman
      Elisabeth Birnie 27 seamans wife
      Isabella Dawson 23 seamans wife
      Isabella Allan 29 seamans wife
      Charles Alexander 40 fisherman
      William Davidson 33 ships carpenter
      Margaret Melvern 22 seamans wife
      Ann Thomson 29 seamans wife
      James Davidson 20 ships carpenter
      James Keir 53 ships carpenter
      Alexander Gordon 25 ships carpenter
      Mary McLean 33 sailors wife
      Thomas Miller 68 seaman
      Agnes Robertson 20 seamans wife
      Elizabeth Dalzeil 34 seamans wife
      Andrew H. Smith 16 sailor carpenter
      Mary McDougall 48 seamans wife
      Matilda Gray 23 seamans wife
      Alexander Walker 24 ships carpenter
      Hellenor Sydie 28 seamans wife
      Elizabeth Black 57 seamans wife
      George Arbuthnot 46 wdr shipmaster Merchant Service
      Catherine Allan 61 seamans wife
      Elspet Lumsden 65 seamans wife
      Alexander Christie 57 retired ship master MS
      John Gray wdr 80 formerly ship carpenter
      William Benny 16 ship carpenter ap
      Catherine Yule 27 seamans wife
      James Cordiner 33 ships carpenter
      William Rennie 22 seaman MS
      Jessie McKenzie 29 seamans wife MS
      Flora Cheyne 28 ships carpenters widow
      John McPherson 16 seamans ap MS
      William Tod 36 disabled seaman MS
      Helen Bruce 29 seamans wife MS
      Christina Kean 23 seamans wife MS
      Mary Bateham 20 seamans wife MS
      Mary Birnie 31 ships carpenters wife
      Agnes McWilliam 26 seamans wife MS
      Margaret Hay 31 seamans wife MS

      these are the one family
      John Ruddach 59 ships carpenter
      Eliza McKenzie 29 seamans widow dau
      Ann Gilles 32 seamans wife dau

      William Geddes 23 seaman MS
      Catherine Cordiner 37 seamans wife MS
      Catherine Cowie 22 seamans wife MS
      Mary Wright 38 ships carpenters wife
      Ann Mitchell 50 seamans wife MS
      Andrew Cromar 26 seaman MS
      Margaret Davidson 35 seamans wife MS
      Margaret Hay 53 seamans wife MS
      Ann O'Brien 32 seamans wife MS
      Elspet Thomson 27 seamans wife MS
      Helen McLeanin 54 seamans wife MS
      Mary Davidson 46 seamans wife MS
      Jane Scott 33 ships carpenters wife
      Ann Slessor 44 seamans wife MS
      Elizabeth Robertson 24 seamans wife MS
      Margaret Craig 23 ships carpenters wife
      Mary Murray 32 seamans wife MS
      Isabella D. Runcie 22 ships carpenters wife
      Margaret Robertson 70 seamans wife MS
      Margaret Nicol 24 seamans wife MS
      James Hutchison 65 ships carpenter
      Georgina Webster 21 seamans wife MS
      Elizabeth Wilson 35 seamans wife MS
      John Davidson 42 ships carpenter
      Mary Smith 50 seamans wife MS
      Margaret Dalzeil 31 seamans wife MS
      Jannet McLenna 48 seamans wife
      Charles Carnegie unm 31 ship master
      Robert Carnegie mar 33 ship builder emp 4men 8 boys
      James Gordon 39 salmon fisher
      Margaret Thom 28 ship masters wife
      Elizabeth Stewart 55 ship maseters widow
      William Abernethy wdr 52 ship master
      William Abernethy son 22 seaman
      James ?ughton 27 ships carpenter
      Niclos Wiseman 32 ship carpenters wife
      Elenora Birnie 36 ship masters wife
      Robert Thomson unm 22 ship carpenters ap
      Alexander Thomson 19 ship carpenters ap
      William Tolmer 21 ship carpenters ap
      Mary Gibson 34 seamans wife
      Mary Darg 30 ship masters wife
      Alexander Lyons 16 ships carpenters ap
      \Margaret McKinnon 29 ship masters wife
      Thomas Matthew 37 boat builder
      Jessie Hay 27 seamans wife
      Isabella Hutchison 48 seamans wife
      James Abbot unm 59 sail maker
      David Abbot bro unm 57 Sail maker
      Isabella Anderson 36 seamans wife
      Margaret McLeod 29 seamans wife
      Mary Wilson 29 seamans wife
      Charlotte Mackie 23 seamans wife
      Alexander Stevenson 71 ships carpenter
      Isabella McKenzie 27 seamans wife
      Catherine Nicol 62 seamans wife
      Margaret Gray 26 seamans wife
      Eliza Saddler 28 seamans wife
      Barbara Diverall 43 seamans wife
      Christian Buchan 35 seamans wife
      Bathia Buchan 66 seamans widow
      Elizabeth Milne 50 ship masters wife
      Margaret reid 42 ship masters wife
      Jessie Bruce 34 ship masters wife
      Isabella Muchie 49 ship masters widow
      Thomas Muchie 15 ships carptners ap
      Margaret A. Taylor 22 ship masters wife
      William Gray 84 retired ship master]
      William Hepburn 25 ships carpenter
      Margaret Milne 34 ships carpenters wife
      John Hindry 66 fornerly ship master
      Margaret Donald 33 ships carpenters wife
      Charles Bruce 18 ships carpenters ap
      Alexander Smith 44 seaman
      Jannet Milne 49 seamans wife
      Helen Cormack 60 seamans wife
      Elizabeth Birnie 25 seamans wife
      William Shdewan 70 ships carpenter
      William Watson 61 sailor
      Ann Shous? 22 seamans wife
      Jemima Dewar 22 seamans wife
      William Gibson 35 ship joiner
      Robert Davidson 20 seaman
      Margaret Middleton 65 seamans wife
      Sarah Thomson 39 ships carpenters wife
      Barbara Buttars 57 seamans widow
      Margaret Souttar 34 ships carpenters wife
      Elizabeth McKenzie 49 seamans wife
      Margaret Clark 36 ships carpenters wife
      Charlotte Anderson 55 seamans widow
      Andrew Morrison 31 seaman
      John Webster 38 ship carpetner Journeyman
      Charles Buchan 29 ship carpenter J
      George McKay 34 seaman MS
      James Brands 43 chip carpneter J
      James Park 19 ship carpenter J
      Francis Robertson 34 shipbuilder emp 30 men 12 apprentices
      Mathew Bullinaria 15 seaman ap
      Bejamin Ritchie 21 ship carpenter J
      John Bathlay 20 ship carpenter J
      Andrew King 21 ship carpneter J
      Violet Duthie 23 seamans wife
      Margaret McMillan 27 ship masters wife
      Agnes Dalzeil 38 seamans wife
      Margaret Cheyne 25 sailors wife
      Helen Lawrence 37 sailors wife
      Catherine Ritchie 41 ship masters wife
      Elspet Smith 27 seamans wife
      Ann Summers 32 seamans wife
      Helen Simpson 30 ship masters wife
      Ellen Allan 36 ship masters wife
      William Allan 15 ship joiner
      Catherine Hutchison or Martin 45 sailors wife
      Jean Reid 32 sailors wife
      Jean Hutton 27 sailors wife
      G.M. wdr 73 former ship (poor house)

      Village of Buchanhaven
      William Strachan 57 fisherman
      Andrew Strachan 49 fisherman
      Anddrew Strachan 24 fisherman
      James Strachan 22 fisherman
      George Strachan 20 fisherman
      William Strachan 18 fisherman
      Arthur Strachan 18 fisherman
      Robert Bruce 52 fisherman
      Alexander Bruce 26 fisherman
      John Bruce 14 fisherman
      Thomas Bruce 15 fisherman
      William Buchan 25 fisherman
      Arthur Buchan 57 fisherman
      James Taylor 26 fisherman
      Andrew Buchan 21 fisherman
      John Buchan 16 fisherman
      Peter Buchan 49 fisherman
      Arthur Buchan 15 fisherman
      George Hay 74 fisherman
      Alexander Masson 40 fisherman
      Alexander Bruce 49 fisherman
      John Bruce 16 fisherman
      Robert Bruce 14 fisherman
      Andrew Stepehn 41 fisherman
      David Stephen 18 fisherman
      Alexander Stephen 16 fisherman
      William Milne 58 fisherman
      Alexander Milne 19 fisherman
      Jean Bruce 29 sailors wife
      Robert Milne 35 fisherman
      John Milne 27 fisherman
      QWilliam Bruce 61 fisherman
      Christian Bruce 28 sailors wife
      Thomas Bruce 22 fisherman
      William Buchan 32 fisherman
      George Strachan 55 fisherman
      George Strachan 16 fisherman
      William McGee 34 fisherman
      William Strachan 35 fisherman
      William Duthie 46 fisherman
      William Duthie 17 fisherman
      Robertson Buchan 28 fisherman
      John Buchan 40 fisherman
      James Buchan 19 sailor
      John Buchan 17 sailor
      Alexander Bucahn 80 fisherman
      James Bucahn 27 fisherman
      James Bucahn 26 ships carpenter
      Robert Forman 26 fisherman
      William Forman 25 fisherman
      John Forman 64 fisherman
      Thomas Buchan 25 fisherman
      James Buchan 35 fisherman
      Robert Bruce 24 fisherman
      James Buchan 72 fisherman
      Alexander Buchan 33 fisherman
      Alexander Bruce 23 fisherman
      John Forman 42 fisherman
      David Buchan 33 fisherman
      Joseph Buchan 39 fisherman
      John Buchan 14 fisherman
      Alexander Buchan 29 fisherman
      James Buchan 16 fisherman
      Andrew Strachan 33 fisherman
      James Bruce 29 fisherman
      William Milne 18 fisherman

      back to Peterhead
      Barbara Sutherland 22 sailors wife
      John McGregor 17 ships carpenter
      Agnes Gavin 30 seamans wife
      Alexander Stuart 26 ships carpenter
      Joseph Stuart 19 shps carpenter
      William Volum 46 retired ship master


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    • george4705@aol.com
      In a message dated 09/25/2003 3:41:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ... This looks like it could be my Margaret Davidson Hay (Married 1851) Where did this list
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        In a message dated 09/25/2003 3:41:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
        cci@... writes:

        > Margaret Hay 31 seamans wife MS

        This looks like it could be my Margaret Davidson Hay (Married 1851) Where did
        this list come from and MS is Maiden Surname? The age would be about right
        but If Hay is maiden surname then it is not my Margaret Hay.

        Margaret Davidson 35 seamans wife MS (This is possibility is mareried around
        25 yrs old..I don't have birth date)


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