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Sea related jobs 1861

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    Hi group, Where the husband was dead or at sea, I ve put the wife s name. There s a bit more to come. Catherine 1861 Alexander Mackie 47 harbour lighthouse
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      Hi group,
      Where the husband was dead or at sea, I've put the wife's name.
      There's a bit more to come.

      Alexander Mackie 47 harbour lighthouse keeper (9 Bridge Street)
      James Scott 71 retired ship builder
      Alexander Stormonth 22 ship carpenter
      Sophia Ogston seamans wife (9 Union Street)
      Alexander Sherenson 53 sail maker
      Thomas Hutton 44 tidewaiter ( 6 Castle Street, Peterhead)
      Thomas Hutton 20 ap ship carpenter
      Andrew Hutton 16 ap boat builder
      John Fraser 33 ship wright J
      James Goirmen 45 coast guard
      Dennis McRath 41 coat guard
      James Loggie 41 tidewaiter
      James Reid 18 ap ship carpenter
      John McKinnon 29 ship chandler
      William Greig 50 ship carpenter J
      William Taylor 62 retired ship master
      John Chadocks 44 coast guard
      John Young 34 ship owner
      James Johnston 36 ship broker
      Alexander Reid 16 ship carpenter
      Charles Hay 69 retired seaman
      Isabella Skene seamans wife
      George Flett 23 ship carpenter
      Alexander Birnie 25 ship carpenter
      ----------- Giles ship carpenters wife
      Ann Guthrie seamans wife
      Isabella Scott seamans wife
      Jean Florence seamans wife
      Janet Brown ship carpenters wife
      Mary McDougal seamans wife
      Isabella Milne seamans wife
      Charlotte Falconer seamans wife
      Mary Cath seamans wife
      Janet Duthie ship masters wife
      Susan McDougal seamans wife
      Christian Webster seamans wife
      Barbara Sellar ship masters wife
      Margaret Webster seamans wife
      Jane Nicol seamans wife
      Ann McKinnon seamans widow
      Mary Murray seamans wife
      Jane Spence seamans wife
      Elizabeth Wilson seamans wife
      Sophia Dick seamans wife
      Christian Milne seamans wife
      Keith Milne ship carpenter
      Margaret Nurray seamans wife
      William Ruddoch 37 ship carpenter
      Alexander Milne 52 ship carpenter
      Helen Nicol seamans wife
      John Davidson 60 ship carpenter
      Helen Winker seamans wife
      Helen Robb seamans wife
      Jane McRae seamans wife
      Elizabeth Wilson seamans wife
      Mary Scrogie ship masters wife
      Elizabeth Robertson seamans wife
      John May 28 boat maker
      Ann McDonald ship builders wife
      Jane Simpson ship masters widow
      Elizabeth Gordon seamans wife
      Ann Gordon seamans wife
      Eliza Watson seamans wife
      Ann Henry seamans wife
      Christian Wilker seamans wife
      Alexander Duthie ship carpenter
      Helen Robertson ship masters wife
      Janet Nichol seamans wife
      William Robertson 42 ship master
      Andrew Darg 46 ship carpenter
      Jane Robertson seamans wife
      Jane Jos seamans wife
      Margaret Huxtable seamans wife
      Amelia Milne seamans wife
      Helen Johnston ship carpenters wife
      Alexander Stephen 31 ship carpenter
      Mary Layton ship masters wife
      Simon Lyall 27 H.M. Customs
      Alexander Forbes 39 ship builder
      William Forbes 50 ship carpenter
      Margaret Mackie ship masters wife
      Christian Simpson ship masters wife
      Donald Manson 68 harbour master
      William H. Manson 43 ship master
      Andrew Stephen 26 seaman
      Alexander Murray 74 ship owner
      Arthur Dick 25 ship joiner
      Margaret Milne seamans wife
      Margaret Aiken sailors wife
      Jannet Hutchison sailors wife
      Magaret Hutchison seamans wife
      Ann Scott ship masters wife
      Robert Martin 63 retired ship master
      Isabella Falconer seamans wife
      Margaret Laurie late ship masters wife
      William Laurie 27 sailor seaman
      Jane Stuart seamans wife
      Thomas McDonald 67 Inspector of H.M. fisheries
      Elizabeth Smith seamans wife
      Jane Leask seamans wife
      Alexander Lyle ship carpenter
      William Robertson ship carpenter
      George Arthur 61 seaman
      Margaret Barclay sailors wife
      Murdoch McKenzie sail maker
      Margaret Brown sailors wife
      Margaret Smith seamans wife
      Charlotte Hill sailors wife
      Elizabeth Robertson sailors wife
      George Law ship carpenter
      Ann Cormach seamans wife
      Anthony Anderson ship carpenter
      Mary Martin seamans wife
      Mary Catto sailors wife
      Margaret McKinnon formerly sailors wife
      Robert Arthur 46 ship carpenter
      Jane Campbell seamans wife
      Jane Mackie seamans wife
      Benjamin Skinner 19 ap ship carpenter
      George Rennie 38 sail maker
      Margaret Allsn? seamans wife
      Alexander Wilson 21 ship carpenter
      John Gregory 34 seaman
      John McKenzie 32 ship carpenter
      Peter Fraser 57 seaman
      Andrew Shewan 35 ship master
      George Mitchell 53 ship master
      George Mitchell 14 sail maker
      Eliza Stephen sailors wife
      Alexander Shewan 35 master mariner
      Isabella Hay captains wife
      Elizabeth Seivewright sailors wife
      Jessie Morrison seamans wife
      Mary Forsyth seamans wife
      Adam Taylor 31 seaman or shoemaker
      Elizabeth Cooper seamans wife
      Arthur Mitchell 22 ship carpenter
      Peter Birnie 35 ship master
      Margaret Scott ship masters wife
      Janet Thaw seamans widow
      John Thom 21 seaman
      Barbara Coinie ship masters wife
      Janet Wallace seamans wife
      Elizabeth McKenzie seamans wife
      James Florence 34 boat builder
      John Hardy 20 ship carpenter
      George Cruickshank 15 ship carpenters ap
      Janet Robb seamans wife
      Margaret Cheyne seamans wife
      Patrick Edwards 14 ship carpenter
      William Daniel 14 ship carpenters ap
      William Neil wdr 66 coast guard
      Janet Murray seamans wife
      Catherine Cormach seamans wife
      Rachel Hutchison seamans widow
      Elizabeth Lawrence ship carpenters widow
      William Bruce 16 ship carpenter
      Isabella McWilliam seamans wife
      Mary Cordiner seamans wife
      Christian Hutchison seamans widow
      Mary Smith seamans wife
      Elizabeth Davidson ship carpenters widow
      Isabella McLeod seamans wife
      Emila Herd seamans wife
      Robert Sken 20 ship carpenter
      Alexander Walker 63 seaman
      Sarah Thom seamans widow
      Alexander Matthew 63 ship carpenter
      Isabella CVumming seamans wife
      Elizabeth Stephen seamans widow
      Jane Duff sailors wife
      Ann Thomson sailors wife
      Ann Hutchison sailors widow
      Isabella Laurance sailors wife
      Ann Anderson sailors widow
      Penelope Allan seamans wife
      John Allan 15 sailmaker
      Margaret Reid seamans wife
      Barbara Walter ship masters wife
      Christian Mason seamans wife
      Janet Mundy sailors widow
      Catherine Stewart seamans wife
      Alexander Suttar 65 seaman
      Peter Hutchison 19 ship carpenter
      Ann McDougal sailors wife
      Christian Urquhart seamans widow
      Alexander McKenzie 79 ship master
      John Taylor 72 late ship builder
      Ann Laurnece ship carpenters wife
      Isabella Cumming sailors widow
      Margaret Brown seamans wife
      Elizabeth Willox seamans widow
      Ann Hutchison seamans wife
      Christian Bruce seamans widow
      Mary Bruce ship carpenters wife
      Mary Smith ship carpenters wife
      Margaret Lumsden ship masters wife
      Janet Milne seamans widow
      Peter Milne 20 ship carpenter
      Margaret McLeod seamans widow
      Bridget Urquhart seamans wife
      Margaret Foreman seamans wife
      Elspet Craig seamans wife
      Mary Falconer seamans wife
      Christian Bain seamans wife
      Ellen Buchan seamans wife
      Janet Rickart ship carpenters wife
      Mary Ann Pirie seamans wife
      Jane Croll seamans wife
      Sarah Lyon seamans wife
      Andrew Lyon 18 ship carpenter
      Jane Smith seamans wife
      Alexander Seivewright 36 seaman
      Josiah May 21 ship carpenter
      John Duthie 21 ship carpenter
      James Birnie 21 ship carpenter
      George Birnie 32 ship carpneter
      John Marr 36 seaman
      Elspet Watt seamans wife
      James Matthew 19 ship carpenter
      Margaret Bruce seamans wife
      Margaret Anderson ship masters wife
      James Anderson 15 ship carpenter
      Charles Christian 47 sailmaker
      James Christian 20 seaman
      Alexander Christian 18 ship carpenter
      Walter Joss 16 ship carpenter
      Agnes Johnston seamans wife
      Alexander Cordiner 21 ship carpenter
      Ellen Cameron seamans wife
      John Sinclair ship carpneter
      Ann Henderson seamans wife
      John Henderson 17 ship carpaneter
      John Murdoch wdr 88 late shipmaster
      James Suttar 39 ship carpenter
      Alexander Downie 22 ship carpenter sp
      Margaret Thomson seamans wife
      Margaret Barclay rope and sailmakers wife
      Helen Murray seamans wife
      Jane Salmon seamans wife
      Amelia Strachan seamans wife
      Jane Shane seamans wife
      Catherine McDougal seamans wife
      John Grodon 17 ship carpenter
      Ann Forsyth sailors wife
      Jean McDougal seamans wife
      Isabella Milne seamans wife
      Isabella Geddes seamans wife
      Sarah Cowie seamans wife
      Jean Cordiner seamans wife
      Jean Geddes seamans wife
      Margaret Mackie seamans wife
      Susan McWilliams seamans wife
      Ann McKenzie seamans wife
      Jane McKenzie seamans widow
      William Mackie 40 pilot
      Ann Buchan seamans wife
      Helen McIntosh seamans wife
      Mary Milne seamans wife
      Janet Lawson seamans wife
      George Philips 15 ship carpenter
      Jean McWilliam seamans wife
      Thomas Davidson 65 ship carpenter
      Jane Finnie seamans wife
      Elizabeth Johnston seamans wife
      Jane Duffy seamans wife
      Margaret Ewing sialors wife
      Robert Gray 55 seaman
      George Gray 23 seaman
      Jean Harp sailors wife
      Margaret Joss seamans wife
      William Gregory 33 seaman
      Alexander Still 19 seaman
      Robert K. Still 17 seaman
      David Buchan 50 fisherman
      George Ritchie fisherman
      George Webster wdr 75 ship carpneter
      Alexander Duthie 32 fisherman
      Janet Strachan seamans wife
      Alexander Alaexander wdr 78 fisherman
      George Strachan 32 fisherman
      Alexander Philps 47 fisherman
      Robert Taylor 28 fisherman
      John Thomson 33 fisherman
      Robert Ritchie 30 fisherman
      William Davidson 70 seaman
      Christian Robertson seamans wife
      Catherine Hutchison sailors wife
      Jessie Keith seamans wife
      Andrew Buchan 30 fisherman
      Alexander Strachan 33 fisherman
      Thomas Yule 37 fisherman
      Mary McBain seamans wife
      Robert Strachan 27 fisherman
      Margaret taylor sailors wife
      William Alexander 50 fisherman
      Andrew Milne 50 fisherman


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