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FW: [ENG-SHROP] Fw: [CHS] New Version of UK BMD web site.

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  • lienevans
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29 1:07 AM
      Randi (Harrow)

      > Dear all,
      > A new version of the UK BMD web site went
      > on the air tonight. It is a complete re-write and
      > offers links to over 150 web sites that offer
      > on-line information for UK births, marriages
      > and deaths.
      > http://www.UKBMD.org.uk
      > More sites will be added as and when I find out
      > about them. Let me know of any missing ones.
      > The new site is navigated by a menu on its left
      > side. For example, if all you want is the links to
      > the local BMD sites, such as Cheshire BMD, then
      > simply press the 'Local BMD' button.
      > Note that the Isle-of-Wight are the latest to
      > offer BMD indexes on-line. (Under Hampshire, if
      > you're searching by county)
      > If you want information specific to a county
      > (or country), select one from the drop-down
      > list and then press the 'County' button.
      > Other buttons should be self-explanatory.
      > I only subscribe to CHS, YKS and GENBRIT, so
      > please cross post this note to as many genealogy
      > lists as you can, as most counties have
      > entries on the new site.
      > Hope you find it useful !
      > --
      > regards,
      > Ian Hartas, webmaster@...
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