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Re: [Peterhead] John Wilson

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  • james martin
    sorry i cant help you im just starting looking up my family tree as im the last of the roanheads martins but funny you should be looking for a john wilson
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 17, 2003
      sorry i cant help you im just starting looking up my family tree as im the last of the roanheads martins but funny you should be looking for a john wilson thats my next door nieghbours name

      peterscotnz <ngratton@...> wrote:I am trying to trace the birth and parents of John Wilson who
      married Elizabeth Farquhar in peterhead on 6 july 1858. I have
      picked up from the Peterhead website (Marriages) that his father's
      name was George, mothers maiden name is listed as Wilson. A recent
      update to the family search site gives his mothers name as Mary.

      The 1881 census shows John and Elizabeth and three daughters,ages
      10, 12, 14 living at 16 Kirk Str. There was also 3 sons of the
      union, John, Robert and George. The census lists John's birthplace
      as peterhead and his age as 44. The peterhead website gives his
      birth as 1836 this is ok by me. I am unable to pick up his birth in
      peterhead and have come to 2 conclusions.

      1. He was not born in Peterhead but moved there when very young and
      did not know any better.

      2. The birth was not "registerd /christened" with the church or
      whatever for financial reasons as I picked up from previous

      I have since serched the L D S site and picked up only 3 John
      Wilson's with parents of George and Mary. One in Inverness,1838 one
      in Edinburgh, also 1838 and one in South Leith, Midlothian 1836.

      If someone with access to the 1851 census would be able to check out
      if a George and Mary Wilson with a son John were in Peterhead and
      check all their birth places. I would be grateful So that I can
      confirm or deny his birthplace as peterhead, otherwise I would opt
      for the South Leith as the names of sibling are more in line with
      his children.

      A second query I have is regarding the second son Robert. In the
      IGI he is listed as only Robert Wilson, while some of the others
      have other family names. Any records in New Zealand have him listed
      as Robert Cowie Wilson, Cowie being his Maternal Grandmothers maiden
      name. Is/was it common or not uncommon for family members to take a
      family name on board for some reason or whim or were often all names
      not recoreded. I am convinced I have the right people as at least
      one of Roberts sons collected all the family names. Robert by way
      of possibly keeping it all in the family married a Farquhar, whose
      death registraton and cemetary records read as Cowie-Wilson,
      Ausralian Born but of Peterhead and other Scotish parentage.

      Any clues as to any of these puzzles would be much appreciated

      Noelene Gratton
      Hamilton New Zealand

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