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Re: Lowrie / Bruce

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  • Wade Buchan
    Hi Val, ... Lair records have been sent. Let me know when you get them and I will send the death certificate details I have for those in the lairs. ... This
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 1999
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      Hi Val,

      Val Lowrie wrote:

      > Thank you for that info on the lairs at
      > Peterhead Old Kirkyard. When we find out 'who' is
      > in the others we might be able to link the families.
      > Address below.

      Lair records have been sent. Let me know when you get them and I will
      send the death certificate details I have for those in the lairs.

      > I see you have his son, also James, b. 1851, listed in the Peterhead born strays.

      This was supplied from a friend, who knows my interest in Peterhead. It
      is only from the index. Victoria gave birth place in marriage and death
      certificates (so I've been told).

      > In 1848 Capt. James Lowrie (age 52) of the Peterhead
      > whaler "Hannibal" went down with his ship and crew, gale forced
      > onto rocks off Norway. So I guess he is 'memorialized' in the
      > grave with the other members of his family?

      The only information I have for this is: "Another grim aspect of the
      undertakings was the continued and continuous shipping losses. Of the
      Peterhead fleet in 1848 the Hannibal, with the crew of another wrecked
      vessel on board, was driven on the coast of Norway and every life except
      one was lost". From "The Port of Peterhead", by Alex. R. Buchan. I
      suspect something would have been reported in the "Aberdeen Journal".
      > No I didn't have 1851 census details and I thank you for that
      > and if James married Margaret Strachan in 1830, she will be
      > named as his wife, in the 1841 census but Mary Davidson
      > should show up too.
      > I do have access to a LDS FHC so I would be most interested to
      > learn how to obtain a Seaman's Ticket, for both James Lowries
      > if possible.

      Firstly, I suggest that you read "My Ancestor was a Merchant Seaman, How
      can I find out more about him?" by Christopher T. and Michael J. Watts.

      To see what information has been filmed, look at the locality catalogue
      under Great Britain (not England or Scotland), Merchant Marine. The
      most interesting series is the Register of seaman's tickets, 1845-1854.
      This gives the seamen's full description.

      You need to look at BT 114 Index, Surnames: film number 1502074. This
      films covers Ja, I, H, Je-Jy, La-Ly and Ma.

      Once you look at this film, you will get the ticket number. This will
      lead you to the next film to look at, which are filmed in order of
      ticket number.

      If you have any problems with this, please let me know.

      > I believe there are a few cemeteries in Peterhead, can you tell me
      > where Peterhead Old Kirkyard is. Is it the same as is called the
      > Peterhead Cemetery.
      > On a map I have I see a cemetery on Coplandhill Road and
      > another, not far away near Windmill Road.
      > There is another between York St and Station Rd, could be more
      > little tiny ones tucked away there. Is the Old Kirkyard any of these?
      > None of them are named!!

      The Old Kirkyard is also called St.Peters Cemetery and is on the links,
      South Rd. Peterhead Cemetery is the one you have between York St and
      Station St. It is sometimes refered as Constitution Street Cemetery, as
      the entrance is on this street. The other is Blackhouse Cemetery, this
      is the newest, opened about 1970's.

      Regards, Wade.

      PS: Note please be careful when replying to messages. Try not to repeat
      the whole message, especially those who get this in digest mode. Don't
      let this put you off sending or replying to messages.
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