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DAVIDSON marriages 1820-54

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    Hi group, this might help someone. I took these off the OPR for Peterhead a while back, sorry I don t have the film on hire at the moment. Best wishes,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2003
      Hi group, this might help someone. I took these off the OPR for Peterhead a while back, sorry I don't have the film on hire at the moment.
      Best wishes,

      11-6-1820 Thomas Hutchison m Margaret Davidson
      23-7-1820 Alexander Davidson m Janet Buchan
      1820 Alexander davidson m Isabella Sangster
      26-11-1820 Thomas davidson m Christian Watt
      10-11-1820 John Hutton m Elizabeth Davidson
      21-1-1821 John Davidson m Henrietta Dinnes
      4-2-1821 Lewis Sandy m Elspet Davidson
      25-3-1821 William Davidson m Margaret Alexander
      3-9-1821 John Yule m Jane Davidson
      16-9-1821 James Leith m Margaret Davidson
      28-10-1821 Robert Davidson m Ann Bruce
      2-3-1822 Allan Innes Thomson m Jane Davidson
      13-10-1822 Robert Stephen m Janet Davidson
      28-9-1823 John Lawson m Mary Davidson
      6-5-1824 George Davidson m Janet Thomson
      27-7-1824 Robert Greive m Jane Davidson
      30-9-1824 Gerge Davidson m Elizabeth Forrest
      11-12-1824 Thomas Bruce m Margaret Davidson
      13-1-1825 Robert Davidson (ship master) m Helen Dunn
      10-11-1825 John Thomson m Marjory Davidson
      15-12-1825 Samuel Davidson m Jean Millar
      10-1-1826 John Jack m Isabel Davidson
      2-3-1826 George Davidson m Margaret Smart
      10-8-1826 George Adie m Isabella Davidson
      30-11-1826 James Davidson m Sophia Cherry
      18-1-1827 Alexander Milne m Grizzel Davidson
      21-7-1827 George Davidson m Isobel Crabb
      29-5-1828 William Craig m Ann Davidson
      ?-? 1828 John Davidson m Elizabeth Allan
      ?-?-1829 Richard Davidson m Eliza Robertson
      10-2-1829 William Davidson m Margaret Duncan
      3-3-1829 James davidson m Mary Hutchison
      ?-?-1829 James Davidson m Mary Clark
      ?-?-1830 John Baird m Margaret Davidson
      9-12-1830 Alexander davidson m Margaret Allerdyce
      15-9-1831 George Bruce m Mary Davidson
      28-2-1832 William Cormack m Margaret Davidson
      10-3-1832 John Angus m Isabel Davidson
      13-12-1834 Thomas Davidson m Elspet Cruickshank
      14-5-1835 Robert Stephen m Ann Davidson
      27-2-1836 William Davidson m Jean Cummine
      10-9-1837 George Walker m Margaret Davidson
      1-7-1838 Thomas Pyper m Margaret Davidson
      28-5-1840 James Forbes m Isobel Davidson
      11-11-1841 James Davdison m Janet Paterson
      2-12-1841 Thomas Auld m Jean Davidson
      15-12-1841 Fraser Davidson m Catherine Ewan
      25-8-1842 William Winster m Janet Davidson
      14-5-1843 James Reid m Janet Davidson
      27-6-1843 Thomas Davidson m Janet Niddrie
      29-7-1843 John Cameron m Jean Davidson
      10-12-1844 James Alliston m Janet Davidson
      18-8-1844 James Davidson m Mary Stephen
      17-11-1844 James Davidson m Helen McKenzie
      11-3-1845 James Henderson m Jean Davidson
      29-5-1845 Archibald Davidson m Helen Shepherd
      18-12-1845 George davidson m Elizabeth Ogston
      2-4-1846 James Watson Robertson m Catherine Davidson
      25-6-1846 Shand McKinnon m Ann Davidson
      23-12-1846 Alexander Davidson m Margaret Batchen
      22-11-1846 William Anderson m Ann Davidson
      17-1-1848 Alexander Park m Elizabeth Davidson
      14-9-1848 Alexander Watt m Helen Davidson
      6-10-1848 John Davidson m Margaret Watt
      6-1-1848 John Davidson m Ann Forbes
      19-2-1849 George Winster m Jean Davidson
      25-10-1849 James Davidson m Catherine Dalgarno
      20-8-1849 William Davidson m Joan Jamieson
      11-11-1849 Alexander Davidson m Eliza Cummings
      10-1-1850 George Rennie m Mary Ann Davidson
      19-3-1850 Dugal McLeod m Sarah Davidson
      30-5-1850 John Clark m Margaret Davidson
      8-7-1850 William Gordon m Mary Ann Davidson
      24-11-1850 William Thomson m Elizabeth Davidson
      23-8-1850 George Davidson m Bathie Fowlie
      3-11-1850 John Davidson m Joan Ogston
      13-11-1851 William Hay m Margaret Davidson
      4-12-1851 William Davidson m Elspet Watson
      30-12-1851 Alexander Davdson m Jean Baird
      29-1-1852 John Robertson m Helen Davidson
      31-5-1852 Charles Davidson m Isabella Milne
      10-6-1852 William Davidson m Helen Bruce
      26-10-1852 William Clyne m Christian Davidson
      24-1-1852 Isabella Davidson m George Morgan
      3-2-1853 John Marr m Jean Davidson
      11-6-1853 Charles Davidson m Elspet Burnett
      6-11-1853 Alexander Howit m Margaret Davidson
      8-12-1853 George Murray m Mary Davidson
      4-9-1853 Alexander Smith m Jean Davidson
      6-10-1854 James Davidson m Mary Davidson
      10-10-1854 Alexander Craig m Elsped Davidson
      16-7-1854 Robert Thomson m Ann Davidson

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