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Hutchison Lairs - St.Peters Kirkyard, Peterhead

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  • Stephen John Hutchison <steve@balticwhar
    St.Peters Kirkyard, Peterhead ,,,,,, Lair No.,Name,Age,Death Date,Burial Date,Note,Depth Robert Hutchison & Others - Boddam,,,,,, C365,Wm Taylor,52,,1 Feb
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      "St.Peters Kirkyard, Peterhead",,,,,,
      Lair No.,Name,Age,Death Date,Burial Date,Note,Depth
      Robert Hutchison & Others - Boddam,,,,,,
      C365,Wm Taylor,52,,1 Feb 1764,Feuar,
      C365,Robert Hutchison,36,,5 May 1827,Boddam,
      C365,Janet Hutchison,54,,3 Mar 1851,Boddam,
      C365,Agnes Smith,75,,14 Aug 1875,Boddam,5
      C365,Isabella Hay Hutchison,22 m,11 Oct 1884,14 Oct 1884,Boddam,3
      C365,Mary Sellar or Hutchison,72,22 Dec 1896,25 Dec 1896,Boddam,4.5
      C365,William Hutchison,1.5 hrs,23 Mar 1897,24 Mar 1897,Boddam,3
      C365,John Hutchison,3 hrs,,8-May-1902,Boddam,3
      C365,John Hutchison,71,20-Feb-1925,23-Feb-1925,A19 Boddam,3'9
      C365,Mary May Nicol or Hutchison,75,24-Oct-1934,26-Oct-1934,A19

      Robert Hutchison & Others - Boddam,,,,,,
      C366,George Hutchison,5,,30 Dec 1836,Son of Robert Hutchison,
      C366,Alex Hutchison,19 m,,14 Jul 1839,Son of George Hutchison,
      C366,Margaret Noble,32,,26 Sep 1845,,
      C366,Margaret Hutchison,12 days,,14 Oct 1845,,
      C366,Jessie Ann Hutchison,,14 Aug 1859,16 Aug 1859,Boddam,
      C366,James Hutchison,20,7 May 1863,9 May 1863,Boddam,
      C366,Rebecca Stephen,82,7 Oct 1882,9 Oct 1882,Boddam,5'3
      C366,Elizabeth C Reid,83,,13 Jun 1883,9 Fish Lane,4'6
      C366,Robert Hutchison,66,15 May 1894,17 May 1894,Boddam,4'6
      C366,George Hutchison,83,24 May 1896,26 May 1896,Boddam,3
      C366,Christian Stephen or Hutchison,89,26-Jun-1913,28-Jun-
      C366,Isabella Hutchison,79,,11-Feb-1935,E3 Boddam,5'8

      Robert Hutchison & Others - Boddam,,,,,,
      C367,Robert Hutchison,79,11 Mar 1880,13 Mar 1880,Boddam,4
      C367,- Hutchison,S.B.,,,Boddam,2'10
      C367,Isabella Sophia Hutchison,20 m,,,Boddam,2'6
      C367,John Hutchison,5 m,,10 Jun 1884,Boddam,2'8
      C367,Robert Hutchison,20 hrs,6 Jun 1887,7 Jun 1887,Boddam,3
      C367,William Anderson Hutchison,24,16 Apr 1889,19 Apr 1889,Boddam,4'3
      C367,Peter Stephen Hutchison,30,16 Jan 1892,19 Jan 1892,Boddam,3
      C367,Williamina Hutchison,4 hrs,,,Boddam,3
      C367,Helen Hay Hutchison,17,,17-Jun-1902,Boddam,4'6
      C367,Lizzie M Hutchison,S.B.,,8-Aug-1910,Boddam,3
      C367,William Hutchison,72,5-Mar-1913,8-Mar-1913,Boddam,5
      C367,Isabella H Hutchison,72,,26-Jul-1915,Boddam,3'6
      C367,William Hutchison,78,,24-Jun-1949,E45 Boddam,

      C458,Details unknown,,,,,
      C459,Mary Hutchison,,24 Mar 1864,,,

      John Hutchison & Others - Book-keeper,,,,,,
      C493,George Hutchison,67,,20 Oct 1817,Boddam,
      C493,Janet Hutchison,78,,7 Jul 1831,Wife,
      C493,Janet Hutchison,79,,11 Aug 1851,Boddam,
      C493,John Currie,39,,13 Mar 1858,ditto,
      C493,Mary Hutchison,54,,27 Mar 1864,ditto,
      C493,Sarah Sellar or Hutchison,82,,9-Feb-1940,A15 Boddam,4'0

      John Hutchison & Others - Book-keeper,,,,,,
      C494,Ann Hutchison,1,,23 Feb 1843,Boddam,
      C494,John Hutchison,78,,28 Oct 1844,ditto,
      C494,George Currie,5 m,,21 Apr 1849,ditto,
      C494,Eliza Hutchison,2 m,,9 Mar 1861,Broad St,
      C494,George Hutchison,69,,19 Jan 1863,Boddam,
      C494,James Hutchison,3 m,,,,
      C494,Elizabeth Hutchison,73,,11 Nov 1874,Ugie St,
      C494,George Hutchison,60,,15 May 1883,Boddam,5
      C494,Isabella Hutchison,75,,9 Dec 1885,Queen St,
      C494,Margaret C Hutchison,72,,31 Dec 1897,Boddam,5
      C494,Eliza C Hutchison,65,,5-Dec-1907,Wallace St,5
      C494,John Hutchison,73,,16-Mar-1908,Thistle St,3
      C494,- Hutchison,S.B.,,13-Feb-1912,Queen St,3
      C494,- Hutchison,S.B.,,26-Jul-1915,Stirlingbrae,3
      C494,Robert Hutchison,79,,3-Feb-1940,E40 Boddam,4'0
      C494,Janet Hutchison,84,,25-Jan-1947,Rosyth,3'0
      C494,John Hutchison,78,,15-Feb-1954,38 King St,

      John Hutchison & Others - Book-keeper,,,,,,
      C495,James Hutchison,23,,17 Nov 1841,Seagate,
      C495,Eliza Hutchison,45,,16 Aug 1867,"Wife of John Currie, Boddam",
      C495,Williamina S Anderson,31,,21 Jun 1875,Queen St,
      C495,John Currie,27,,10 Sep 1878,Ugie St,4
      C495,Marion Hutchison,19 m,,31 Oct 1885,Maiden St,3.5
      C495,Christina F Hutchison,54,,17-Jun-1907,Boddam,5
      C495,James Hutchison,,,28-Dec-1910,Aberdeen,

      John Hutchison & Others - Book-keeper,,,,,,
      C496,John Hutchison,71,,23 Jul 1763,Boddam,
      C496,Jane Anderson,89,,2 May 1779,Wife,
      C496,Wm Hutchison,65,,24 Sep 1842,Roanheads,
      C496,Wm Hutchison,5 m,,21 Oct 1842,ditto,
      C496,Isabella Hutchison,71,,26 Dec 1864,Errol St,
      C496,George Bruce,52,,11 Oct 1877,Shoemaker,5
      C496,Jane Hutchison,74,,12 Dec 1883,Queen St,4'10

      Donald Hutchison & Others - Seaman,,,,,,
      C497,Margaret Matthew,17,,17 Sep 1841,,
      C497,Margaret Hutchison or Matthew,54,,31 Aug 1852,,
      C497,Janet Hutchison,72,,20 Apr 1853,Ugie St,
      C497,Christian Hutchison,87,,29 Dec 1869,Uphill Lane,
      C497,Sarah Hutchison,89,,11 Apr 1871,Roanheads,
      C497,Jessie A Irvine,21,,23 Jan 1879,Crooked Lane,4'9
      C497,Janet H Goodall,70,,15-Aug-1902,Crooked Lane,4'9

      Donald Hutchison & Others - Seaman,,,,,,
      C498,Janet Cordiner,79,,6 Oct 1842,Roanheads,
      C498,Janet Hutchison,1,,22 Aug 1859,Albion St,
      C498,Margaret Irvine,1,,21 Aug 1861,Longate,
      C498,Donald Hutchison,29,,29 Jan 1865,Seaman,
      C498,Grace Hutchison,78,,12 May 1868,Boddam,
      C498,Janet Hutchison,10,,24 Jul 1874,Broad St,
      C498,Janet C Hutchison,81,,29-Jan-1917,Fraserburgh,4'6

      Donald Hutchison & Others - Seaman,,,,,,
      C499,Alexander Hutchison,14 m,,10 Sep 1798,"Son of Al Hutchison,
      C499,Mary Hutchison,4,,20 Nov 1798,Daughter of ditto,
      C499,Barbara Hutchison,4,,29 Jun 1799,Daughter of ditto,
      C499,Alexander Hutchison,40,,2 Jan 1801,Seaman,
      C499,Jane Hutchison,41,,17 May 1833,Daughter of Al.Hutchison,
      C499,George Hutchison,35,,12 Dec 1834,"Son of ditto, Shipmaster",
      C499,Eliza Hutchison,99,,26 May 1841,,
      C499,Catherine Robb,3,,11 May 1847,,
      C499,Jane Hutchison,89,,29 Feb 1851,Wife of above Al.Hutchison,

      Donald Hutchison & Others - Seaman,,,,,,
      C500,James Hutchison,87,,10 Mar 1873,Boddam,

      Hutchison - Cairngall,,,,,,
      D111,Catherine Hutchison,21,,31 May 1835,Daughter of Robert Hutchison,
      D111,Catherine Jamieson,27,,13 Jan 1816,Wife of Robert Hutchison,
      D111,Robert Hutchison,75,,4 Jan 1861,Merchant St,
      D111,Mary Wallace,59,,30 Dec 1875,Merchant St,Wife
      D111,James Wallace,65,,2 Jul 1879,Civil Engineer,Husband
      D111,Eliza Hutchison,80,,2 Jul 1894,Merchant St,

      Hutchison - Cairngall,,,,,,
      D112,Barbara Souttar,62,,26 Jun 1791,Wife of Robert Hutchison -
      D112,Robert Hutchison,83,,29 Aug 1810,Shipmaster,
      D112,John Hutchison,83,,7 Mar 1843,4th Son of Hutchison - Cairngall,
      D112,Eliza Morrison,81,,14 Dec 1845,Wife ,
      D112,Mary Davidson or Hutchison,25,,3 Feb 1849,,

      Hutchison - Cairngall,,,,,,
      D113,Robert Hutchison,17,,20 Aug 1803,Son of James Hutchison -
      D113,John Hutchison,13,,1 May 1805,Son of James Hutchison - Merchant,
      D113,Wm Hutchison,29,,10 Jun 1818,Son of James Hutchison - Merchant,
      D113,James Hutchison,65,,4 Jun 1822,Merchant,
      D113,Barbara Hutchison,38,,31 Jul 1832,Wife of Thos.Ferguson W.S.,
      D113,Jane Ferguson,79,,20 Nov 1836,Wife of above James Hutchison
      D113,Ann Hutchison,61,,2 Jan 1862,Harbour St
      D113,Christian Hutchison,72,,1 Jun 1870,Brae
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