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  • Carolyn Morrisey
    Hello everyone, I m just new to the list although I ve been following other people s postings for some time. My interests are in the Baird family - based for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
      Hello everyone,

      I'm just new to the list although I've been following other people's
      postings for some time.
      My interests are in the Baird family - based for the most part in
      Buchanhaven and North Street. I look forward to sharing my information
      with anyone with similar interests.
      In a much earlier posting Wade provided a transcript of Bairds included
      in the 1851 Census. I have found this most useful. Using the official
      reference numbers I have organised the names into households.
      However I wonder if it would be possible to get the "relationships to
      the head of the household" for one particular group or, if that is not
      available, at least their marital status (I'm trying to "assign" some
      of the young children to parents.)
      The household in question contains 9 people with Alexander Baird aged
      68 being (I assume)the head. The reference numbers are: District 14
      Page 1 Number 1 and the address being Buchanhaven. (In case that isn't
      enough to identify the group the other members were Barbara 55, George
      29, David 25, Jane 19, Alexander 16, Barbara 12, Jane 8 and Alexander 6)
      Many Thanks,
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