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  • herringmonger <edcampbl@shaw.ca>
    I may be out of line but being a babe in swaddling clothes when it comes to genealogy I ask for your guidance. Could anyone advise of a good computer filing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2002
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      I may be out of line but being a "babe in swaddling clothes" when it
      comes to genealogy I ask for your guidance. Could anyone advise of a
      good computer filing system for doing reasearch and/or a hard copy
      type system. I see one of the keys to research is organization!

      Am going to start researching: Peterhead (and V. of Longside)

      Robert Cowie born July 15, 1854.; son of William Cowie and Ann Adams-
      Longside. (have original extract dated Dec. 1, 1890)

      William Robertson, Blacksmith and Elspet Lillie parents of Mary
      McKinnon born on 12(?) October, 1858 (have original extract dated
      October 25, 1858 in Peterhead)

      Marion Lillie Cowie born July 02/1894 in Peterhead (30 Marichal
      Street, Peterhead). Passed away March 29, 1982 in Burnaby, British
      Columbia, Canada.

      Sister of Marion - Annie Adam Cowie born Aug. 15, 1895. Peterhead.
      Father shown as Robert Cowie, Foreman Baker and mother Mary Cowie
      (previousley Moir.) Have extract of Birth dated Sept. 4, 1895.

      Brother to Marion and Annie - Benjamin Robert Cowie born Oct. 8,
      1899. Father - Robert Cowie,Master Baker (known as Cowie the baker
      and they lived at 81 Broad Street above the bakery store) and mother
      Mary Cowie registered at Peterhead October 24, 1899.

      It is said my mother and father eloped and were married posibly in
      Aberdeen.My mother moved to Vancouver, B.C. Canada June, 1920 and my
      father was already there. It is also said they were first cousins.

      My father - Gregor MacGregor Campbell date and place of birth not
      confirmed - Dec. 13, 1885 at Kings Park. Beleive his father was in
      Argyll Sutherland. My father had brothers Peter and William (Billy)
      and sister Elspret. Have no other info. other than father was a
      sailor (merchant) and went missisng in 1939 on a ship from Scotland.

      So - off on a journey and that is all the info I have and no living
      relatives that I know of. (except one brother who cannot remember
      any details). I have started late in life on this journey and look
      forward to it. I have lots of pictures and no names!

      Any help anytime appreciated and especially How can I get rid of all
      these yellow sticky labels with little notes on my computer
      screen!!!??? Please contact me directif you wish.

      Thankyou for your understanding and now forward into history!

      Ed Campbell

      (Benjamin Edward Campbell)
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