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Re: [Peterhead] Scottish Wills

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  • i.l.tilbury
    Hi Wade The Will of Robert Kean residing at 47 Queen Street Peterhead The will stated that his son Joseph Kean of Slake Terrace , Tyne Dock, South Shields ,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2002
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      Hi Wade
      The Will of Robert Kean residing at 47 Queen Street Peterhead
      The will stated that his son Joseph Kean of Slake Terrace , Tyne Dock, South
      Shields , was to be his Heir .
      On the death of his son , if he predeceased him , his trustees shall realise
      the whole of his estate heritable and moveable and divide the proceeds
      equally among his sister Mrs Annie Kean or Benzie and her two daughters
      Maggie Benzie presently residing in Glasgow , and Annie Benzie or Taylor
      presently residing in Peterhead .
      Signed by Robert Kean on 12th September 1906 at Peterhead , and witnesses J.
      Drevor Gore , A.G.West.
      At Aberdeen on May 1 1912
      Inventory of the personal estate of Robert Kean
      James Hutchison Mc Bean Solicitor in Peterhead

      Inventory of the moveable or personal estate and effects of the late Robert
      Kean , Shipmaster, late of 47 Queen Street Peterhead , that died on February
      19th 1912
      1 cash in house 29 pounds ,1 shilling, and eight pence.
      2 Household furniture and other effects in deceased s house , 18 pounds,19
      shillings, and 10 pence
      3 Sum in Bank , on deposit of the North of Scotland and Town and County Bank
      , Broad Street, Peterhead.
      Dated July 5 1911 137 pounds, and 16 shillings, and 6 pence. interest 1
      pound, 16 shillings, and 6 pence.
      1 Sum at deceased s credit account current with the Hudson Bay Company ,
      London at date of death
      275 pounds, 5 shillings,
      2 Pension due decased from Hudson Bay Company
      7 pounds , 10 shillings , 8 pence. [ Total 469 pounds, 13 shillings, 8

      Sighned J.H. MacBean , Thomas Mackie Sheriff Clerk Depute Peterhead
      Estate duty is payable on his death does not exceed 500 pounds

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      Subject: [Peterhead] Scottish Wills

      > Hi All,
      > If you haven't already been to the site http://www.scottishdocuments.com
      > they have a database of Scottish Wills. It is a free search and then a
      > cost of five pounds per Will or Invertory. The search is very good, you
      > do not have to put a name in. I did Advance search and used Peterhead.
      > If you wish to see and example of what you get, I have uploaded the
      > files to the Peterhead Newsgroup in the file section
      > (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Peterhead/files/).
      > They are also there for those who also have a connection to (so I don't
      > fill your email box):
      > John Davidson, flesher married to Isabella Hay
      > William Strachan, fisherman married to Catherine Greig
      > Alexander Strachan, fisherman, son of above.
      > If anyone else has some Peterhead Wills, could they let me know. I'm
      > interested in the names mentioned (see example next message).
      > Happy hunting!
      > Wade.
      > Peterhead Genealogy at http://www.axs.com.au/~wsb/
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