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Fine Roads Around Peterhead

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  • Alison Anderson
    Hi, I noticed the following article in an old edition of the Aberdeenshire newspaper The Aberdeen Press and Journal , dated Tuesday, January 15, 1929 and
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      I noticed the following article in an old edition of the Aberdeenshire newspaper "The Aberdeen Press and Journal", dated Tuesday, January 15, 1929 and although no-one is mentioned from our "tree" I found it to be of interest and thought I would post it to the list in case it interested anybody else. My apologies if I am revealing a previously unknown criminal past of someone's ancestor!!

      "Fine Roads Around
      Peterhead Baillie and Street Talking to Girls
      Baillie Dingwall, Peterhead, gave a word of advice at the Police Court yesterday to a squad of young men who appeared before him on a charge of loitering on the pavement.

      "You must not stand on the pavement with girls. Many improvements have been made to the amenities of the town, and there are beautiful roads round about."

      So said the Baillie in imposing fines of 7s 6d, with the alternative of five days' imprisonment, upon four young men who pleaded guilty to having loitered on the pavement in Queen Street. The accused were John Hugh Reid, labourer, 5 Auldmanythie Road; Joseph Buchan, apprentice cooper, 39 North Street; James Cameron, fisherman, 3 Gladstone Road; and Andrew Strachan, cook, 11 Gladstone Road, and the offences were committed on Sunday, January 6.

      George Stephen MacLean, labourer, 19 Port Henry Road; David Mackie Stephen, labourer, 70 Roanheads; and Alexander Reid Milne, labourer, 79 King Street, admitted a similar offence committed on St Peter Street on January 8, and were each ordered to pay a fine of 7s 6d, with the option of five days' imprisonment."

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