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Re: 1851 census, Seamen, Carpenters, Masters, etc, end

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  • dundeealex
    Hi! Catherine, Could you help me in where I could gey more info on this one on your list. Alex John Robertson, ships carpenter, Dundee
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 10, 2002
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      Hi! Catherine,
      Could you help me in where I could gey more info on this one on your list.

      John Robertson, ships carpenter, Dundee
    • i.l.tilbury
      Hi group and Catherine and others who helped me with the Kean seaman I can now tell you that Robert Kean was second mate of the the ship Erik 1896-1901 And
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 12, 2002
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        Hi group and Catherine and others who helped me with the Kean seaman
        I can now tell you that Robert Kean was second mate of the the ship Erik
        And second mate of the ssPelican 1902-1903 , the master was Alexander Grey
        I now have to find the ships he was on from 1861

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        > Hi group,
        > Thank you to all the people who have thanked me, it's my pleasure to help.
        > Catherine
        > This all I managed to get from the census before it was sent back. If
        anyone's name is misspelt or it has a ?, I spelt it the best I could from
        the handwritting. There were no Ken, Kean names on the list, but this is
        only the town of Peterhead.
        > William Buchan, 18, fisherman, Lonmay
        > Elizabeth Alexander, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > John McLean, H,M, 26, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Jean Coull, seamans wife, Buckie
        > John Robertson, H,M, 62, seaman, Peterhead
        > Margaret Robertson, fishermans wife, Peterhead
        > Margaret Don, mariners widow, Peterhead
        > John Buchan, fisherman, St. Combs
        > Thomas Robb, H,M, 40, mariner, Peterhead
        > William Robertson, H,Wdr, 66, seaman, Peterhead
        > Isabella Cordiner, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > Ann Yule, mariners wife, Peterhead
        > John May, H,M, 68, seaman, Lonmay
        > Ann Cordiner, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Alexander Duncan, H,M, 70, master mariner, Peterhead
        > Ann Mackie, fishermans wife, Peterhead
        > Mary Milne, sailors wife, Lonmay
        > Robert Strachan, H,M, 68, pilot, Lonmay
        > Robert Strachan, U, 16, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Mary Taylor, mariners wife, Peterhead
        > Elizabeth Barclay, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > George Strachan, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Alexander Robertson, seaman, Peterhead
        > John Martin, 18, seaman, Peterhead
        > David Stephen, H,M, 54, seaman, Peterhead
        > George Thomson, H,M, 35, fisherman, Ravon?
        > Christian Robertson, sailors wife, Fraserburgh
        > Catherine Hutchison, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > William Ritchie, M, 27, fisherman, Rathon
        > Charles Alexander, M, 29, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Alexander Alexander, M, 69, fisherman, Cruden, (deaf)
        > John Thomson, H, 38, fisherman, Buckie
        > John Thomson, son, 14, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Janet Soutar, W, 73, fisherwoman, Peterhead
        > William Davidson, seaman, Crimond
        > Sarah Hutchison, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > Janet Hutchison, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > James Buchan, seaman, Peterhead
        > Alexander Strachan, M, 32, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Alexander Ritchie, M, 65, fisherman, Banff
        > George Ritchie, son, U, 20, fisherman, Rathen
        > Robert Taylor, 18, fisherman, Inverallroy?
        > Robert Ritchie, M, 25, fisherman, Inverallroy?
        > Margaret Mackie, fishermans widow, Slains
        > William Mackie, son, U, 34, fisherman, Peterhead
        > James Ritchie, fisherman, Aberdeen
        > Isabella Milne, fishermans widow, Peterhead
        > Andrew Milne, son, U, 42, fisherman, Peterhead
        > Barbara Webster, sailors widow, Peterhead
        > Andrew Darg, U, 34, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > William Arthur, U, 41, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Margaret Webster, sailors widow, St. Fergus
        > James Arthur, sailor, Peterhead
        > John Giles, M, 29, ships carpenter
        > Margaret Irvine, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Alexander Binn?, M, 64, ships carpenter, Fraserburgh
        > Alexaner Binn?, son, U, 28, ships carpenter, Peterheaad
        > Gilbert Smith, 17, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Christian Dunn, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Ann Mennie?, sailors wife, St. Fergus
        > Alexander Sim, U, 16, seaman, (unwell), Fraserburgh
        > Ann Mitchell, seamans wife, Lochcloh?, Ross shire
        > Margaret Davidson, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Helen, McLennan?, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Ann Robertson, ships carpenters wife, Banff
        > Jean Anderson, sailors wife, Fraserburgh
        > John Moir, 22, ships carpenter, Dublin
        > Andrew Stephen, 18, boat builder, Boddam
        > John Darg, U, 24, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Alexander Willox, U, 24, seaman, Peterhead
        > Alexander Baxter, seaman, Aberdeen
        > Jean Shewan, ship masters daughter, Aberdeen
        > William Wiseman, ships carpenter journeyman, Aberdeen
        > Alexander McDonald, ships carpenter journeyman, Rathen
        > James Murray, M, 50, seaman, Banff
        > Margaret Robertson, seamans wife, Cruden
        > Janet Matthieson, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Janet Robb, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Margaret Sharp, sailors wife,
        > William Birnie, M, 25, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Barbara Walker, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Susan Arbuthnot, seamans wife,
        > Elspet Lumsden, sailors wife, Old Melstrum
        > John Young, U, 25, ship owner and giveer?, Peterhead
        > John Young, M, 55, ship owner and giveer, employing 3 men, Logie
        > Susan Matthews, sailors wife, Tarves
        > Margaret Murson?, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Walter Joss, H, 69, ships carpenter, Banff
        > James Joss, M, 30, ships carpenter, Banff
        > James Weir, ships carpenter, Cullen
        > Margaret Williamson, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > May McDougal, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Jean Bowman, seamans wife, Elgin
        > Elizabeth Blackhall, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > David Carnegie?, U, 25, ships carpenter apprentice, Old Macjar
        > Charles Carnegie?, U, 20, ships carpenter apprentice, Crimond
        > Margaret Allan, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Jean McWilliam, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Penelope Allan, seamans wife, Crimond
        > Marjery McKeohnay?, 35, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > Margaret Williamson, 85, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > George Bruce, M, 44, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Charles Gibson, M, 21, seaman, Aberdeen
        > Jean Ingram, seamans widow, Peterhead
        > Jean Reid, seamans wife, Buckie
        > Jean Webster, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Jannet Hay, seamans wife, Cruden
        > Mary Beken?, seamans widow, Ireland
        > Elizabeth Mundy, seamans widow, Altown
        > Mary Biddie, ships carpenters widow, Peterhead
        > Peter Coull, seaman, Buckie
        > James Thomson, 17, ships carpenters apprentice, Peterhead
        > Mary McDougal, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Mary Fraser, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > John Mundy, U, 26, seaman, Peterhead
        > Barbara Cowie, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Christian Bain, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Isabella Buchan, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > John McLeod, ships carpenters apprentice,
        > Margaret Middleton, seamans wife, Cruden
        > James Reid, ships carpenters apprentice, Old Machar
        > James L. Leslie, ships carpenter
        > James Scott, M, 61, ships carpenter master employing 19 men, Peterhead
        > John Scott, U, 26, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > Alexander? Scott, U, 24, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > William D. Scott, U, 22, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > James Lyall, boat builder apprentice, Orkney
        > Alexaneer Stephenson?, ships carpenter, Peterhead
        > William B. Stephenson?, ships carpenter apprentice, Peterhead
        > George Christie, M, 55, ships master, Peterhead
        > Alexander Cormon?, 16, seaman, Peterhead
        > Cathrine Cormack, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Cathrine Nicol, semans wife, Craig
        > William Nicol, U, 25, seaman, Peterhead
        > Elisabeth Moir, seamans wife, Orkney
        > Elisabeth Milne, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > Helen Cormack, seamans wife, Cruden
        > Helen Allan, seamans wife, Cruden
        > John Brown, ship owner, Peterhead
        > Janet Todd, ship masters wife, Peterhead
        > Ann Craig, ship masters wife, Peterhead
        > Alexander Stewart, M, 51, ships master, Banff
        > James Stewart, seaman apprentice, Peterhead
        > Jean Ogston, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > John Ligston?, M, 36, ships joiner, Banochy
        > John Robertson, ships carpenter, Dundee
        > Jean Robertson, ship masters wife, Peterhead
        > Isabella Hutchison, wife of seaman, Crimond
        > Elisabeth Diveral, seamans wife, Peterhead
        > William Gray, wdr, 74, retired ships master, Peterhead
        > Ann Scott, ship masters wife, St. Fergus
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