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seamen/carpenters etc 1851 census part 1

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  • Ivo
    Hi group, The 1851and 1841 census films for Peterhead are not on hire any more, so I can t do any more look ups. I ll split the list into different nights for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
      Hi group,
      The 1851and 1841 census films for Peterhead are not on hire any more, so I can't do any more look ups.
      I'll split the list into different nights for posting.
      There's also some carpenters, boat builders, pilots,and masters in the list.
      Where there's an entry for the wife of a seaman, I put her place of birth.
      If the seaman was at sea on the night of the census, then I wrote his wife's name instead.
      Hope it helps someone,
      Happy hunting,

      William Hay, seaman, Peterhead age 22
      Helen Grant, sea masters wife, Peterhead
      Jane Leydan, mates wife, Peterhead
      Margaret Lowrie, ship masters widow, Peterhead
      William Lowrie, apprentice seaman, Peterhead age 16
      William Penny, retired ship master, Rathen age 76
      Margaret Martin, ship masters wife, Peterhead
      Catherine Ogston, ship masters daughter, Peterhead
      Elizabeth Ogston, ship masters daughter, Peterhead
      Margaret Leith, ship masters widow, Peterhead
      Margaret Brown, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Mary Burnett, ship masters wife, England
      Ann Arthur, ship masters wife, Longside
      Helen Law, ship masters wife, Peterhead
      Jean Leask, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Ann Groats, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Ann Stewart, sailors wife, England
      Robert Arbuthnot, merchant ship owner, Peterhead
      Margaret Hutchison, ship masters wife, Peterhead
      Mary Ferguson, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Peter Groat, U, 25, seaman, Peterhead
      Ann Watt, seamans wife, Rathen
      Elizabeth Gordon, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Thomas McLeod, officer of H.M. Fisheries, Ross shire
      Marjory Brown, ship masters wife, Peterhead (deaf)
      Christian Milne, seamans wife, Old Deer
      Jane Troup, seamans wife, Peterhead
      William Gregory, ship carpenter, Longside
      Isabella Sellar, ship masters wife, Peterhead
      William Cormack, ship carpenter, Peterhead
      Mary Adamson, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Robert Hutchison, ship owner employing 24 men, Peterhead
      Margaret Reid, ship masters wife, Peterhead
      Barbara Sutter, seamans widow, Orkney
      Elizabeth Adiel?, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Agnes Adiel?, seamans wife, Shetland
      James Adiel?, lodger, U, 19, sailor, Peterhead
      Elizabeth Wilson, seamans wife, Peterhead
      Cathrine Cooper, seamans widow, Peterhead
      John Leask, H,M, 59, pilot, Peterhead

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