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1820-1854 marriages, DAVIDSON, FORREST, IMLAY, GRAY

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  • Ivo
    Hi group, Again this is from the OPR taken a while back, so I can t do look ups. My gggrandparents John Davidson and Joan Ogston are further down the line.
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      Hi group,
      Again this is from the OPR taken a while back, so I can't do look ups.
      My gggrandparents John Davidson and Joan Ogston are further down the line. Would like to hear from anyone with these names in their family tree or surname FORREST.

      11-6-1820 Thomas Hutch m Margaret Davidson
      23-7-1820 Alexander Davidson m Janet Buchan
      1820 Alexander Davidson m Isabella Sangster
      26-11-1820 Thomas Davidson m Christian Watt
      10-11-1820 John Hutton m Elizabeth Davidson
      21-1-1821 John Davidson m Henrietta Dinnes
      4-2-1821 Lewis Sandy m Elspet Davidson
      25-3-1821 William Davidson m Margaret Alexander
      3-9-1821 John Yule m Jane Davidson
      16-9-1821 James Leith m Margaret Davidson
      28-10-1821 Robert Davidson m Ann Bruce
      2-12-1821 William Anderson Gray (surgeon) m Amelia Sims
      10-2-1822 John Gray m Christian Slorach
      2-3-1822 Allan Innes Thomson m Jane Davidson
      14-7-1822 Peter Forrest m Elizabeth Robertson
      13-10-1822 Robert Stephen m Janet Davidson
      27-10-1822 James Brown m Margaret Gray
      28-9-1823 John Lawson m Mary Davidson
      28-12-1823 Alexander Hutchison m Isabel Imlay
      22-1-1824 Wiiliam Allan m Catharine Forrest
      6-5-1824 George Davidson m Janet Thomson
      27-7-1824 Robert Greive m Jane Davidson
      30-9-1824 George Davidson m Eliza Forrest
      11-12-1824 Thomas Bruce m Margaret Davidson
      13-1-1825 Robert Davidson (ship master) m Helen Dunn
      30-6-1825 John Kidd m Barbara Forrest
      10-11-1825 John Thomson m Marjory Davidson
      15-12-1825 Samuel Davidson m Jean Millar
      10-1-1826 John Jack m Isabel Davidson
      2-3-1826 George Davidson m Margaret Smart
      10-8-1826 George Adie m Isabella Davidson
      28-11-1826 Alexander Hing? m Janet Gray
      30-11-1826 James Davidson m Sophia Cherry
      18-1-1827 Aleander Milne m Grizzel Davidson
      21-7-1827 George Davidson m Isobel Crabbe
      1827 John Gray m Barbara Geary
      29-5-1828 William Craig m Ann Davidson
      Sept 1828 Alexander Hay m Catherine Gray
      1828 John Davidson m Elizabeth Allan
      1828 Peter McDougal m Jean Gray
      1828 George Smith m Ann Gray
      1829 George Gray m Ann Forbes
      1829 Richard Davidson m Eliza Robertson
      10-2-1829 William Davidson m Margaret Duncan
      3-3-1829 James Davidson m Mary Hutchison
      Dec 1829 James Davidson m Mary Clark
      1830 John Baird? m Margaret Davidson
      11-3-1830 Alexander Ingles m Barbara Forest
      9-12-1830 Alexander Davidson m Margaret Allardyce
      11-12-1830 Andrew Dinnes m Isabella Imlay both in Peterhead
      3-2-1831 James Gray m Elizabeth Williamson
      15-9-1831 George Bruce m Mary Davidson
      13-9-1831 James Imlay 9tide waiter) m Christian Wood in Peterhead
      28-2-1832 William Cormack m Margaret Davidson
      10-3-1832 John Angus m Isabel Davidson
      16-11-1833 James Gray m Helen ?
      14-11-1833 Andrew Anderson m Margaret Gray
      13-12-1834 Thomas Davidson, Elspet Cruickshank
      14-5-1835 Robert Stephen m Ann Davidson
      4-1-1835 James Reid m Margaret Gray
      31-5-1835 Ben Gray m Sarah Gallacher
      30-6-1836 Alexander Gray m Ann Mitchell
      27-2-1836 William Davidson m Jean Cummine
      12-3-1836 William Morrice m Elizabeth Gray
      3-7-1836 Alexander James Stephen m Janet Gray
      25-9-1836 Robert Gray m Elspet Bruce
      28-11-1837 James Hutchison m Barbara Gray
      10-9-1837 George Walker m Margaret Davidson
      31-12-1837 Alexander Smith m Ann Gray
      10-6-1838 Alexander Gray m Margaret Smith
      11-1-1838 William Davidson m Jean Ingram
      1-7-1838 Thomas Pyper m Margaret Davidson
      2-7-1839 Alexander Gray m Jean Wells
      17-11-1839 James Donaldson m Janet Forrest
      28-5-1840 James Forbes m Isobel Davidson
      10-12-1840 William Forrest m Margaret Robertson
      23-3-1841 Alexander Scott m Catherine Gray
      11-11-1841 James Davidson m Janet Paterson
      18-11-1841 James Gray m Elizabeth Sutherland
      2-12-1841 Thomas Auld m Jean Davidson
      15-12-1841 Fraser Davidson m Catherine Ewan
      18-12-1841 John Gray m Elizabeth Gray
      25-8-1842 William Winster? m Janet Davidson
      14-5-1843 James Reid m Janet Davidson
      1-6-1843 William Gray (ship master) m Mary McKenzie
      27-6-1843 Thomas Davidson m Janet Niddrie
      29-7-1843 John Cameron m Jean Davidson
      20-7-`844 Alexander Mefs m Christian Gray
      10-12-1844 Jame Alliston m Janet Davidson
      14-4-1844 James Coutts m Elizabeth Gray'
      18-8-1844 James Davidson m Mary Stephen
      17-11-1844 James Davidson m Helen McKenzie
      11-3-1845 Jeame Henderson m Jean Davidson
      29-5-1845 Archibald Davidson m Helen Shepherd
      9-10-1845 George Watt m Rachel Gray
      21-10-1845 John Henderson m Jean Gray
      18-12-1845 George Davidson m Elizabeth Ogston
      2-4-1846 James Watson Robertson m Catherine Davidson
      25-6-1846 Shand McKinnon m Ann Davidson
      23-12-1846 Alexander Davidson m Margaret Batchen
      22-11-1846 William Anderson m Ann Davidson
      29-11-1846 James Rennie m Elizabeth Gray
      30-9-1847 William Oliphant m Helen Gray
      17-1-1848 Alexaner Park m Elizabeth Davidson
      27-4-1848 William Smith m Christian Gray
      14-9-1848 Alexander Watt m Helen Davidson
      6-10-1848 John Davidson m Margaret Watt
      6-1-1848 John Davidson m Ann Forbes
      6-2-1848 James Morrison m ? Gray
      19-2-1849 George Winster m Jean Davidson
      25-10-1849 James Davidson m Catherine Dalgarno
      20-8-1849 William Davidson m Joan Jamieson
      11-11-1849 Alexander Davidson m Eliza Cummings
      10-1-1850 George Rennie m Mary Ann Davidson
      19-3-1850 Dugal McLeod m Sarah Davidson
      30-5-1850 John Clark m Margaret Davidson
      8-7-1850 William Gordon m Mary Ann Davidson
      24-11-1850 William Thomson m Elizabeth Davidson
      23-8-1850 George Davidson m Bathia Fowlie
      3-11-1850 John Davidson m Joan Ogston (this is my gggrandparents. Anyone have a connection?)
      16-1-1851 George McGlashan m Christian Gray
      8-7-1851 Alexander Watson m Margaret Gray
      13-11-1851 William Hay m Margaret Davidson
      4-12-1851 William Davidson m Elspet Watson
      11-12-1851 David Gray (ship master) m Isabella Gamack Law
      30-12-1851 Alexander Davidson m Jean Baird
      29-1-1852 John Robertson m Helen Davidson
      31-5-1852 Charles Davidson m Isabella Milne
      10-6-1852 William Davidson m Helen Bruce
      3-8-1852 Robert Gray m Margaret McKenzie
      26-10-1852 William Clyne m Christian Davidson
      24-1-1852 Isabella Davidson m George Morgan
      3-2-1853 John Marr m Jean Davidson
      11-6-1853 Charles Davidson m Elspet Burnett
      6-11-1853 Alexaner Howitt m Margaret Davidson
      8-12-1853 George Murray m Mary Davidson
      4-9-1853 Alexander Smith m Jean Davidson
      6-10-1854 James Davidson m Mary Davidson
      10-10-1854 Alexander Craig m Elsped Davidson
      14-12-1854 Andrew Esslemont m Mary Gray
      16-7-1854 Robert Thomson m Ann Davidson

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    • gary and rhonda simpson
      I would be interested in knowing what children following had.I have a Peter Lawson born c1834 to John Lawson in Peterhead, no mother mentioned. His
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 1, 2002
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        I would be interested in knowing what children following had.I have a Peter Lawson born c1834 to John Lawson in Peterhead, no mother mentioned. His granddaughter is my husbands grandmother Bessie Lawson Adam. My .Peter married a Helen Duff Davie in Cruden 13 June 1857.

        28-9-1823 John Lawson m Mary Davidson

        Look forward to response.

        Rhonda Simpson

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