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Re: 1851 Census (BURNETT)

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  • Wade Buchan
    Hi Anne, ... Marriages Peterhead No.31, 25/8/1855, Church of Scotland, William Burnett, of Peterhead, age 22, Labourer, bachelor, born Tyrie 1833, parents:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2002
      Hi Anne,

      thistledown wrote:

      > Hi Wade
      > Thank you very much for your email regarding my Peterhead Burnetts.
      > The date of death for Peter Burnett's son William I had, but the extra
      > details you've supplied me with are very much appreciated.
      > However, with regard to John I'm now totally confused as I have a birth for
      > a John (son of Peter Burnett and Christina Milne) dated 17 April 1869 -
      > which means that the death you have found is clearly not the same John as
      > the one I have. It looks as if the John you've found was perhaps an earlier
      > child and the name was then used again for the one I have?
      > However, after taking yet another look at the details I already have for
      > Peter Burnett and Christina Milne, I am now beginning to think I may have
      > gone seriously wrong with the details I have -particularly regarding their
      > children.
      > I have:
      > William born 22 November 1857
      > George born 8 July 1859
      > James born 10 August 1861
      > Elizabeth born 3 May 1863
      > Alexander born 3 June 1865
      > Peter born 21 May 1867
      > JOHN born 17 APRIL 1869
      > Christina born 15 July 1870
      > William born 18 September 1873
      > David born 23 July 1876
      > As you have found the death entry for John, son of Peter Burnett and
      > Christian Milne, with a birth date 25 May 1861, you will agree that it
      > clearly conflicts with the birth date I have for JAMES who I have been
      > informed was born 10 August 1861
      > With regard to the marriage certificate you mention, Peter Burnett's father
      > is definitely William Burnett and there definitely was a second marriage.
      > However, the details I have been given is that William was born around 1808
      > (possibly in Aberdour) and died 26 March 1876 and, his son Peter was born
      > 1832. With regard to William Burnett's two marriages, I have been told
      > that the first marriage was to Christina Sim (4 December 1825) and produced
      > seven children and, that the second marriage to Margaret McDonald (7
      > December 1844) produced a further seven children.
      > I should imagine the service you're offering is keeping you extremely busy
      > Wade but, I would be really grateful if you could supply me with any
      > information you have on either of those marriages or anything else you may
      > come across. The Burnetts are proving to be a real challenge and I'm now
      > beginning to discover many of them in Poor Relief Records.
      > I'm so grateful to you. Thank you again for all your help.
      > Anne Rankin

      Marriages Peterhead
      No.31, 25/8/1855, Church of Scotland, William Burnett, of Peterhead, age 22,
      Labourer, bachelor, born Tyrie 1833, parents: William Burnett, Labourer and
      Christian Sim, married to Isabella Christie of Peterhead, age 27, spinister,
      born Logie Buchan 1828, parents: James Christie, Shoemaker and Margaret Black,
      witnesses: Robert Park and William Ritchie.

      No.4, 12/1/1857 at Manse of Peterhead, Church od Scotland, Peter Burnett, age
      24, of Blackhill, Peterhead, labourer, bachelor, parents: William Burnett,
      labourer and Christian Burnett ms Sim (deceased), married to Christian Mill,
      age, of Blackhill, Peterhead, spinister, parents: George Mill, labourer
      (deceased) and Janet Milne ms Walker, witnesses Alexander Burnett and John

      Not sure if I've transcribed the marriage incorrectly or this is how it appeared
      now, with father Mill and mother Milne.

      1851 Census
      District 18, Page 7, No.30, Blackhills
      William Burnett, head, 50, Ag. Lab. Aberdour
      Margaret Burnett, wife, 26, Strichen
      Elspet Burnett, daughter, 23, House Servant, Tyrie
      Peter Burnett, son, 20, Ag. Lab., Tyrie
      Robert Burnett, son, 4, Peterhead
      Elizabeth Burnett, daughter, 2, Peterhead
      Page 8
      George Burnett, son, 1, Peterhead

      Regards, Wade.
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