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Leslies again

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  • Judy Hand
    I ve just realised that I replied to Margie directly instead of to the Group, so here goes: Margie How generous of you to offer to help find our Leslie
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2002
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      I've just realised that I replied to Margie directly instead of to the
      Group, so here goes:

      How generous of you to offer to help find our Leslie families in
      Peterhead (or surrounding districts). William and I both seem to be
      stuck at the same point, and can’t find a link to take us further back,
      so any information at all that you could glean would be most welcome.
      Briefly, my position is like this:

      1. I cannot find the parents of the Peter Leslie who married Jane Smith
      at the Peterhead Parish Church on 6 December, 1801. I do not know
      when Peter died, so cannot find any headstone or burial record which may
      2. The parish records that I have studied on film do not record the
      baptisms of Peter and Jane Leslie’s children, so I am still lost on this
      subject, too. However, Peter the son claimed to have been born in
      3. Peter Leslie, the son, married Eliza Stewart at the Peterhead Parish
      Church on 10th October, 1836 (actually, the marriage was proclaimed but
      not certified, so perhaps they went somewhere else). The baptisms of
      their first (Alexander Stewart Leslie) and last children(Robert Birnie
      Leslie) are recorded in the parish register, but the children in between
      are not, They were Peter, William, Eliza, Jane, George and James.
      These names I have learned from the Censuses. George was my
      4. This Peter, the son, died at the Royal Infirmary at Aberdeen, and a
      kind Canadian who visited Peterhead last year sent me a photograph of
      his headstone in the old cemetery at Peterhead, which gave me a lot of
      information, and also confirmed his parents. So I’m reasonably OK
      there. BUT
      5. I have had little luck with Eliza Stewart. Her death certificate
      states that her father was (Blank) Stewart, a merchant seaman and her
      mother was Jean Williamson. According to FamilySearch on the Internet, a
      John Stewart married a Jean Williamson in 1814 (time is right) at
      Paisley, whilst an Alexander Stewart married a Margaret Williamson in
      1809 at Cromarty. Eliza was born c. 1815, and said she was born at
      Peterhead, as did all her children. Needless to say, I don’t know any
      of her siblings (well, not for sure!)

      To summarise:

      Stewart and Leslie were common names around Peterhead, and I just can’t
      work them out. I feel if there were a lair or appropriate headstone for
      Peter Leslie (the father) and (Blank) Stewart and Jean Williamson, the
      information would link the children with the parents. It’s very
      frustrating trying to work them out from this distance, although it’s
      surprising just how much information there is here. If you could find
      anything at all that would help, I would be most grateful, and, should
      you ever need to know anything from New Zealand, just let me know.
      Thank you, Margie,
      Judy Hand
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