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Re: James Bruce/Anne Cow

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  • taylorhomeca@yahoo.ca
    ... Oct ... information ... a ... Buchan s ... parents ... looking for ... & have had a difficult time going back any further. Right now I only have a birth
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 15, 2001
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      > >Subject: [Peterhead] James Bruce/Anne Cow
      > >Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 21:24:20 -0000
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      > >I am following a lead of these two people. They appear in the 1881
      > >census #75 (ST.Combs) BUT some of their children were born in
      > >Peterhead. I am particularly interested in their daughter Ann Bruce
      > >born Jul 29, 1864 Peterhead, I know an Ann Bruce m Robert Buchan
      > >10, 1888, my question is how do I find out if this Ann Bruce is the
      > >same Ann Bruce that married Peter Buchan? The only other
      > >that I have is when my husband stayed at relatives, he stayed with
      > >Jim Cow in Toronto, Canada, around 1955, so I believe Cow's are
      > >related somehow, but cannot find proof. I have poured over LDS
      > >records & family web sites, but no luck so far. Does anyone in this
      > >group know of this family? Thank you.........Linda
      > from Colin Collie
      > crhc43@h...
      > Hi Linda
      > with regard to the above the Cows I have are further back Peter
      > Mother was a Christian Cow & Father was Alexander Buchan her
      > Alexander Cow and Sarah Murdo the may not be the ones you are
      looking for
      > but it proves that there are family's of cows in the area
      > all the best in your search
      > Colin
      > >
      > Thank you Colin for responding. I know my imformation is quite new
      & have had a difficult time going back any further. Right now I only
      have a birth certifate that stated that Peter Buchan & Ann Bruce
      lived at 112 St Combs & their ages at the time the census was taken.
      James Bruce & Anne Cow had a child in the 1881 census that makes Ann
      Bruce a possibility. Also, on LDS there are two announcements for the
      same Ann Bruce born Jul 29, 1864, one Lonmay & the other Peterhead.
      With regards to Peter Buchan, a James Buchan & Ann Buchan had two
      Peter Buchans, the one I am interested in is Peter born Dec 5, 1860.
      My husbands father told me they were from Peterhead, this is all I
      have to go on, not much. I hope I haven't confused anyone with my
      information, but I have been trying to break this mystery for years.
      Thanks again........Linda
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