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Wade Buchan

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  • William Leslie
    Hello Wade; I thought you might like this story. William Leslie Discovering My Internet Cousins For several years I have been a member of the Peterhead Group
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2001
      Hello Wade;
      I thought you might like this story.
      William Leslie

      Discovering My Internet Cousins
      For several years I have been a member of the Peterhead Group on the
      internet, which provides a forum for people who are interested in
      sharing information on family connections in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire,
      Scotland. The web site is run by Wade Buchan in Australia, who has a
      great collection of historical and statistical information about people
      from Peterhead. I have had some help from Wade and others on this web
      site, in finding information about my Leslie ancestors from Peterhead.
      I have accumulated a considerable amount of information for my family
      tree from various sources, including certificates from the Scottish
      Records Office, through Scots Origins on the internet. My present
      success reaches to my great great grandfather James Leslie and great
      grandmother Elizabeth Simpson. I have little information about the next
      generation of Leslies, James' father, my great great great grandfather,
      John Leslie. James Leslie's birth record, from the Old Parish Records,
      shows John Leslie as father, and notes that he was a Crofter (Farmer)
      Longside, a village outside Peterhead.
      In March of this year, someone on the Peterhead web site was
      researching ships from Peterhead, and their crews, The name of James
      was listed by someone looking up seamen for another member. I noted
      that this James Rankin was my great grandfather on my grandmother's
      side, and posted a message noting that, and asking if anyone had any
      information on John Leslie from Longside. I received an answer from
      Sylvia Cowe Nascimben of Williamsville, NY, indicating that James Rankin
      was her great grandfather also. Sylvia and I started to communicate,
      and eventually to share family trees.
      Sylvia's parents came to Niagara Falls, NY in 1930, and have lived in
      the Niagara area ever since. Sylvia and her brothers and sisters, with
      exception of one sister who lives in Scotland, have lived in the Niagara
      area on both sides of the border most of their lives. Many of my family

      has lived in Southern Ontario since emigrating here in 1951. We had
      never heard of one another until March of this year, and still would be
      ignorant of one another except for a love of family history, and the
      magic of the internet. My Aunt Jina in Minneapolis admits to knowing
      there were Rankin relatives somewhere in North America, but did not know
      exactly where they were.
      Sylvia and I exchanged family information, and by using the same Family
      Tree program, were able to expand our family trees considerably and
      add a whole group of new cousins.
      On Saturday June 9, 2001, My wife Sue, my sister Margaret and her
      husband, Ben, drove down to Williamsville, NY to meet Sylvia and her
      family. The distance between us was about 190 miles, less for my sister
      who lives nearer Toronto. Sylvia's mother Netta Rankin Cowe, who
      came from Peterhead about 70 years ago was there, and delighted us with
      memories of Peterhead. She is a remarkable lady who reminds me of
      my Scottish aunts, and still speaks with a distinct Scottish accent.
      Sylvia invited several of her family, and her sisters and their husbands
      from both sides of the border. All of a sudden, after 50 years, we had
      several cousins within visiting distance. Sylvia served a delicious
      we traded stories about ancestors, looked at old photographs, and said
      our good byes, promising to meet again soon. Sylvia and I have both
      taken photographs of our Rankin great grandparents' monument in the
      Peterhead cemetery. This monument was vandalized some time ago, and
      many of the pieces still lie on the ground. Sylvia, Margaret and I are
      committed, with the help of Peterhead relatives, to getting this
      Sue and I who had a 380 mile round trip, were home in time for supper.
      Thanks to the internet. Now, if only some relatives of my great great
      great grandfather John Leslie would surface, I could complete my Leslie
      Family Tree.

      William Leslie
      June 14, 2001
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