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Fw: Alexander Mitchell

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  • Alex Ritchie
    ... From: Ritchie, Alex To: Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 11:59 AM Subject: FW: Alexander Mitchell
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      Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 11:59 AM
      Subject: FW: Alexander Mitchell

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      > From: Ritchie, Alex
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      > Subject: Alexander Mitchell
      > For James D.Mitchell :
      > Hello James,
      > I don't know if the Alexander Mitchell I am
      > looking for is the son of William Mitchell &
      > Sarah Sangster.
      > This started with me investigating a John
      > in my Family Tree. He married Ann Willox in 1846.
      > I cannot find his parents. He appears to be alive up to the 1871 Census
      > deceased by 1872 (His daughter's marriage).
      > However, I cannot find a Death Certificate for him in Edinburgh. He was a
      > seaman and, therfore, could have died outside
      > Of Scotland or have been lost at sea.
      > In the baptism of his twin daughters, one of the
      > witnesses was Alexander Mitchell. So I was guessing that
      > That might have been his father, or maybe a brother. Hence my question to
      > Wade on the 1851 Census to see if he could
      > locate him there.
      > I'm certainly aware of William Mitchell & Sarah
      > Sangster, whose son was George Mitchell (Shipmaster)
      > Married to Janet Stephen. George Mitchell owned Lairs C304, C305, C306 &
      > C307 in St.Peter's Cemetery, Peterhead.
      > But whether there is a connection with the
      > Alexander Mitchell I'm looking for, I can't tell right now .
      > I do believe that Sarah Sangster (Married to
      > William Mitchell) may have been the daughter of John Sangster
      > and Jannet Gray. I'm led to this conclusion from a gravestone in
      > Cemetery which reads :
      > Erected by JANNET GRAY in memory of her husband JOHN SANGSTER, Seaman in
      > Peterhead who died on December 5th.1796 in his 64th. Year.
      > On February 25th.1797 his body was found floating upon the water and now
      > lies with his two children who died in infancy.
      > Also the said JANNET GRAY who died on July 20th.1829 in her 87th. Year.
      > In loving memory of George Mitchell, Shipmaster in Peterhead who died on
      > July 30th.1888 aged 80 years and his wife JANET STEPHEN who died on July
      > 31st.1868 aged 49 years.
      > So George Mitchell would have been the son-in-law
      > John Sangster/Jannet Gray......maybe.
      > Interesting to hear from you...............Best
      > Regards................Alex Ritchie
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