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  • I Tilbury
    ... From: Alex Ritchie To: Peterhead@egroups.com Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 2:14 AM Subject: [Peterhead] Headstone For Malcolm Simpson : Hi Malcolm, I might
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      Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 2:14 AM
      Subject: [Peterhead] Headstone

      For Malcolm Simpson :
      Hi Malcolm, I might be up at Peterhead again in the not too distant future so I can have another try at looking at the George Simpson headstone. I might also, as you suggest, ask the folks at A&NE FHS.
      I suppose it's not surprising that George Simpson's Lairs are right next to George Buchan's one. The Simpsons, Martins etc. are inter-connected by way of George Buchan's daughters.
      By the way, I did get one piece of interesting information from the Foveran Parish Church burial records which I forgot to mention to you....and which might be of marginal interest to you. There was an entry :
      Alexander Innes, Shipmaster, Newburgh buried on July 1st.1809 in the Chapel below his father. Helen Mitchell, spouse to Alexander Innes buried July 22nd.1809.
      Alexander Innes married Helen Mitchell on December 27th.1768 in Foveran.
      Of course, I have no way of knowing whether this Alexander Innes is in any way connected to the unfortunate master of the "Oscar". But Newburgh was not a very big place so they could be connected.
      Another thing I found out in Peterhead recently. At the Museum they have the Harbour Books from 1867 which records all vessels arriving and departing, the master's name, destination and/or port where they came from, and type of cargo. They are planning to put it all on a searchable database. But, as usual, with all the financial constraints etc. they can't say when this will be done. They did, however, very kindly let me look through one of the books when I was in there. I think it would be a worthwhile project although 1867 would be too late for you and I and our searches for George Simpson and John Martin.
      Kindest Regards....................................................Alex Ritchie
      HI ALEX
      I see by what you have written above some things that I  been looking for
      Is there a E Mail Address for the Peterhead Museum , if they have chould you send that to me
      I wondered if they had any thing pictures etc.  on my Kean Family
      Also i see Harbour books , well if you look down the Peterhead  egroups written by me yesterday to Wade info
      about James Benzie and the name of the ship , you might be able to find out for me a little more
      As you know I looking for a good story
      How the weather now where you are I thought i heard that you have had a lot of rain
      The weather in Dunedin up to now has been like summer , instead of winter but today is very cold and windy
      Just before i close getting back to the LAIRS you sent me I wondered how we whould know just how
      many are buried there the one with James Benzie name on it , he whould be buried at sea the ship was right up the north sea
      near Irland and ice land a Wailing ship
      HERE FROM YOU SOON I HOPE                                REGARDS LYNLEY
      Peterhead Genealogy at http://axs.com.au/~wsb/
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