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860Re: [Peterhead] Collie/ Buchan Family Tree

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  • Bruce Milne
    Mar 25, 2000
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      Dear Elisabeth,
      I made a mistake with Brethern as I am fully aware it's Brethren,
      my apologies. I say unfortunately because my grandfather was a member of
      what was then known, and perhaps still is, as the Closed Brethren and as
      far as I can detrermine they weren't the nicest folks to do business. I
      cxan recall my aunt Barbara, his daughter, tellin how as a young girl she
      was forced to stand out in the streets selling fish until her hands froze.
      There were other stories about the devout dogmatism and elitist
      exclusivity that makes me want to put distance between us.
      As far as I know the offspring of my uncle David called Dakie) and
      Jim, his younger brother , still live in Peterhead. Two of the daughters,
      my mother Jessie and her much younger sister, Barbara immigrated to the
      If you have any info it would be truly appreciated.

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