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804Re: Street Names

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  • robert.stewart1@xxx.xxx.xxx
    Jan 6, 2000
      Sorry I have been ill with flu for past couple of weeks. I have a recollection of receiving a note from you saying you were coming to the
      UK later this year - is this correct? I kewep all my E mails but can find no trace of this - I am beginning to wonder if I imagined it.
      Please reconfirm your plans.

      Sandy Sill wrote:

      > Hi Alex Ritchie,
      > Thanks for your responce to my photographers' questions; I think I'll pursue this a little further at the Aberdeenshire site.
      > Sandy
      > For Sandy Sill :
      > Hi Sandy, as Wade has already suggested in his note, the two photographers' addresses are definitely in Aberdeen and not Peterhead.
      > As far as the photographers themselves are concerned, I'm afraid I know precious little about this subject.
      > I hope, at least I have been of some help to you.
      > Best Regards............................Alex Ritchie
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