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594Re: Eliza Stevenson

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  • Wade Buchan
    Aug 2, 1999
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      Hi Malcom,

      Malcolm Simpson wrote:

      > I believe Eliza Stevenson must be the daughter of Capt.George Simpson
      > and Jane Innes.born Peterhead,1827.

      I assume you have Eliza Stevenson and family from the 1881 census. If
      you don't let me know. I didn't see an Eliza Stevenson or Simpson born
      about 1827 in the 1851 census for Peterhead.

      > My interests are to find the father of the above George Simpson born
      > Peterhead 1797 died Peterhead 1848

      This might help, only two Simpson families in the 1801 census for

      St.Peters Lane, No. House 383, Name of Principal Tenant: Alexander
      Simpson, two families in the house, 5 males and 3 females.

      Aughtigall, No.House 147, Name of Principal Tenant: Isabel Simpson, one
      family, one female.

      Do you have Jane in the 1851 census?

      ,mother Margaret Buchan born Peterhead about 1775, died Peterhead 1819.

      The other suggestion could be to look at the Peterhead OPR deaths (I
      will have a look, next time I get a chance) as it could give Margaret
      Buchan late wife of .........
      or look for a headstone, since you know the lair number.

      Regards, Wade.
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