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    Apr 14, 2013

      I wonder do you have anything on the sea going of Nathaniel Leslie who was born 4th or 5th March 1832 in Peterhead.
      He was second mate on the Royal Saxon in 1855 when it docked in Australia but I know he was a ships captain or Master Mariner before 1872 when he was married in London.  I believe he served as Master of the "Arabia" in 1871 and the "Nereus" at some time.

      I have census information on him in Peterhead from in 1841 and later in the area around the River Tees and then in Rora in 1881 where he died soon after.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.


      Colin Leslie

      From: Alex <alex-jean.ritchie@...>
      To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, 14 April 2013, 12:05
      Subject: [Peterhead] Christian & Collie

      For Bruce :

      Hi THere, here's what Iv'e got on the Christians :

      ALEXANDER CHRISTIAN (Certificate of Competency : 94040 Jan.23rd.1875)

      Started his sea-going career as a ships carpenter

      Born : May 31st.1842, son of Charles Christian (Vintner) & Isabella Duff

      Married : Mary Jane Reid, daughter of Robert Reid (Carter) & Jane Ogston, on September 22nd.1869.
      (Marriage Certificate : 232 (36)). (He was Ship's Carpenter when married).
      She died on January 21st.1928 (Aged 83) (Death Certificate : 232/1 (14))

      Died : August 4th.1901 in Government Civil Hospital,Hong Kong (Aged 59) of Heat Stroke (M.I. Constitution St. Cemetery). 1st.Mate on vessel "Pak Kong" of Hong Kong

      Residences :
      1870 - 45 Marischal Street
      1871 - 45 Marischal Street (Alexander Mackie b.1791 "retired seaman", Jane Mackie b.1802, Gibson Family (son-in-law "tinsmith"), Mary J.Christian b.1845 (daughter married))
      1875 - 48 Queen Street
      1881 - 72 Queen Street
      1891 - Prince Street
      1901 - 84 King Street

      JAMES CHRISTIAN (Certificate of Competency : c 21372 Aberdeen June 6th.1864)

      Born : February 17th.1841, son of Charles Christian & Isabella Duff

      Married : Sarah Laing (b.Aberdeen), daughter of George Laing (Farmer) & Mary Walker in 1863

      Died : 1911(July-Aug-Sep) in Poplar, London

      Residences :
      1859 - 1 Crooked Lane
      1864 - 45 Park Street, Aberdeen
      1871 - 455 Dwelling, St.Vincent Street, Glasgow (James Christian b.1841 "Chief Officer", Sarah b.1841, Jessie Anna b.1869 Glasgow, Marjory b.1871 Glasgow))
      1881 - 125 West India Road, Poplar, London
      1891 - 209 Abbot Road, Bromley (Sarah b.1842, James J. b.1878, Jessie b.1869, Bella b.1876, Alexander b.1881)
      1901 - 209 Abbot Road, Bromley (James, Sarah, Elizabeth)
      1911 - 87 Abbotts Road, Bromley (James Oneill b.1870 Poplar (Blacksmith married 19 years), Marjorie ONeill b.1871 Glasgow, Wilfred ONeill b.1902 Poplar, Edna ONeill b.1909 Poplar, James Christian b.1841 (Father – seaman married 48 years), Sarah Christian b.1845 Aberdeen)

      Vessels :
      Palmerston (25236) 1864-65 EI
      Sir John Laurence (18853) 1866 Aust.
      Centaur (51419) 1867 EI
      Rangoon (48673) 1867 EI
      Ben Nevis (60369) 1868 Aust.

      Alex Ritchie

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