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5889The Morrisons of New Deer

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  • tullynessleturnip
    Feb 19, 2013
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      Hullo! I'm new to this forum and hope that New Deer comes within the realms of Peterhead - does it, or is there a group for New Deer? I've been researching my family tree for 7 years now, and wonder if anyone here is familiar with these names?:

      Robert Scott Morrison b.1847, Mary Morrison b.1850, Elizabeth Morrison b.1853, James Morrison b.1855, John Morrison b.1857, Alexander Morrison b.1860 - these were all born New Deer 'Ironside' (apart from Alexander who was born at Branhill/Brownhill New Deer). They were the children of John Morrison (crofter, supposedly from Boyndie) + Mary Scott born around 1822 Fraserburgh.

      John Morrison (crofter)'s parents are William Morrison + Jessie Smith - anyone know anything about these? Mary Scott's parents were Robert Scott + Elizabeth Pirie - in the 1841 census they appear to be living at 'Land of Ironside', New Deer, Robert is 60 which makes his birth around 1780 - does anyone know anything about these?

      It's possible that John Morrison (crofter) had a daughter with Elizabeth MacLeod, called Isabella Morrison b.1836. Isabella married a Charles Birnie and they had a daughter called Mary-Ann Birnie. M-AB would this be the neice of Alexander Morrison b.1860, and a M-AB is recorded as the informant on AM's death certificate of 1932 (he died in New Deer). M-AB was registered as living at 'Easter Melrose' which is a farm in Gamrie/Gardenstown.

      Mary Morrison b.1850 had one child before she was married, an Alexander Brown Morrison b.1880. he then married Alexander Melvin and had 4 children, Robert Morrison Melvin b.1888, Maggie Melvin b.1889, Mary Jane Melvin b.1891, John Melvin b.1893.

      Robert Scott Morrison b.1847 studied 1879-86 at Aberdeen University for his medical degree and became the doctor for Methlick, dying in 1909. He had 7 children (his wife was Alice Coutts b.1863, her father was from Tullynessle, Alford): Edith Jane Morrison b.1893, John Alexander Morrison b.1894, Robert James Morrison b.1896, Mary Scott Morrison b.1898, George Gibb Morrison (died in infancy), William Grant Morrison b.1902, Alice Morrison b.1905 (d.1935) - all born in Methlick apart from Edith (born Aberdeen).

      I'd appreciate any info concerning these, my ancestors; I'm a great-grandson of Robert Scott Morrison and can be found at ross.turner@...
      I'm also interested in finding living relations, for instance, believe there are Melvins living in Canada.
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