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  • Betty Miles
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Thank you to all for your thoughts on these children. I do know that Margaret Stocks ran a boarding house at about that time and I wondered if the parents may have been living there. Perhaps we'll never know.
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      G'day Betty,
      My understanding is the Scots were very economical and thrifty when it came to lairs.  They used all available space even if sometimes the dead person had no connection to others in the lair.  I have a husband and wife buried together in Brechin Cathedral but there are others in the same lair and absolutely no connection to them. Has anyone else come across this when researching who is in the lair?

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      I am looking for information about two young boys buried in the lairs of my STOCKS and FARQUHARSON ancestors in St. Peter's Cemetery. As far as I know they have no connection to our family. They are James INNES, died 17 January 1848, aged 4 months and Daniel McKENZIE, died 3 February 1852, aged 1 year. I am curious as to why they would be buried there, as the lairs were being used for family members during that time.

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