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    Aug 2, 2012

      Time enough to do that when you get here - see how you get on first as there may be better avenues than another Family History society.

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      Thanks for the tips. I think it’s going to be difficult to balance research with sightseeing since this may be my only trip to Scotland. So it’s sounding like I may be sending my wife on with my uncle and aunt while I spend some time researching.
      I’m a member of FHSB but I’m wondering if I should buy a membership to ANESFH. Any opinions out there?
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      I was at Scotlandspeople back in 2009.  My advice would be to have a plan of what you want to research as you have limited time. Find out what you need to look for by visiting the website.  In 2009, it was better to make a booking and I rang them from the place I was staying to make an all day booking.  They are helpful and will set you up. There is usually a queue at the place first up, but if you have made a booking you can go straight in.  At the end of the first day, I made a booking for the next few days which you have to pay for upfront.  There are limited computers.  The building next door is very interesting and houses records from court sessions.  I have forgotten its name but I'm sure someone can tell you on this forum but you need time to read through things which you haven't got.
      One line I was researching was "Campbell" in a fishing village called Findochty and when I visited the cemetery, I took photos of every headstone with that name for future reference.  No doubt there would be many unmarked graves.  The information on the headstone can prove invaluable further down the track.
      The Aberdeen (ANESFH) people in King Street are really wonderful (I've been an overseas member there for years) but check out their website as well before you go.  They do have members' family pedigree charts which could be useful to you.
      I have had several visits to Scotland and to try researching with limited time is difficult and can be overwhelming if you haven't put in  some ground work before you get there.  My trip in 2009 was fairly well planned but when I got home, I found some vital information on deceased-online regarding the location of a grave of my gg-grandparents.  I was at the right cemetery but the grave was unmarked, naturally I had to visit again in 2011 so I could put  a little Australian flag on their grave!
      Good luck with the visit - it is wonderful to see where our ancestors came from and walk on the streets they did, see the houses where they lived.
      Melbourne, Aus

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      Many thanks to everyone who’s chimed in on this thread.
      I’ll definitely hit the ANESFHS in Aberdeen and the Central Library if there’s time (I’ve only got a couple complete days in Aberdeen). In Peterhead, it still sounds like the FHSB is going to be a must and I’ll add in the registrar if I can and see where else comes up.
      I’ll definitely be hitting the Castle in Edinburgh and now the Hall of Remembrance (never heard of it before this) is now a must-see since we’ve got two great uncles who were killed during World War I.
      Can someone tell me what I can expect at the Scotland’s People Center? Is I pretty much like using their website? I know I can search more modern records in person, but is there a lot of other stuff there that’s not available on line?
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      There is also the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society (see http://www.anesfhs.org.uk/). Their headquarters is at 158-164 King Street, Aberdeen. I have found them very helpful whenever I have visited there. They include the Peterhead area, and have a well-stocked library, as they have been going longer than the FHSB.

      Couldn't agree more - it's a great place.

      And in Peterhead itself, if you are interested in cemetery records, there is the Registrar's office, but you need to make an appointment to visit it.

      I was fortunate and just walked in off the street. The cemetery itself is then easy to search, as the Registrar has the location of the lairs.

      I also found the people at the Arbuthnot museum and library really helpful too.

      Enjoy your trip!


      Elisabeth Wilson
      Lenah Valley, Tasmania
      researching GORDON (Peterhead) GIBB (Peterhead) YOUNG (Slains/Cruden) SPENCE(Peterhead) PAUL (Peterhead?) MURRISON (Peterhead) CRAIG (Strichen) DAVIDSON (Strichen)

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