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  • Wade Buchan
    Oct 1, 2011

      Hi Debbie,


      > Barbara Buchan born April 9, 1867 in Peterhead. Died 1903. Her parents were Andrew Buchan born abt 1831 in Peterhead and Barbara Davidson born in 1834 in Peterhead.
      Peterhead 1867 Births

      No.109, Barbara Buchan, born 1867 April, Ninth 1h AM at Buchanhaven, female, parents: Andrew Buchan, Salmonfisher and Barbara Buchan ms Davidson, married 1857 February 12th Peterhead, informant: Andrew Buchan, Father Present.

      Peterhead 1857 Marriages

      No.10, 12/02/1857, Andrew Buchan (signed), age 25, Usual Res: Invernettie, Labourer, Bachelor, parents: James Buchan, Labourer (deceased) and Jean Buchan ms Fraser, married to: Barbara Davidson (signed), age 23, UR: Buchanhaven, Spinster, parents: George Davidson, Crofter (deceased) and Margaret Davidson ms Smart. Witnesses: Alexander Davidson and William Davidson.


      Peterhead 1841 Census

      District 5, Page 1, Buchanhaven

      George Davidson, age 40, occ: Sp. ?, born in County: Yes

      Margaret Davidson, age 36, yes

      Alexander Davidson, age 14, yes

      Margaret Davidson, age 12, yes

      George Davidson, age 9, yes

      Barbara Davidson, age 7, yes

      William Davidson, age 5, yes

      John Davidson, age 3, yes


      Peterhead 1851 Census

      District 14, page 2, No.3, Buchanhaven

      Alexander Davidson, Head, Unmar, age 22, Crofter of 6 Acres, born Peterhead

      Margaret Davidson, Mother, Wid, age 47, born Peterhead

      George Davidson, Brother, unmar, age 19, Carter, born Peterhead

      John Davidson, .Brother, age 14, born Peterhead_,_.

      Amelia Davidson, Sister, age 8, Scholar, born Peterhead

      David Davidson, Brother, age 5, Scholar, born Peterhead

      Jane Davidson, Daughter, age 2, born Peterhead


      Peterhead Old Kirkyard Lair E152, E153 & E154

      E152 Davidson – Carter

      22/11/1848, George Davidson, age 51, Buchanhaven

      24/07/1876, Margaret Davidson, age 7, Springhill

      2/12/1887, Emily Davidson, age 5 ½, North Street

      23/05/1899, Margaret Davidson, age 19, Merchant St

      18/08/1906, George Davidson, age 3 weeks, Merchant Street


      E153 Davidson – Carter

      4/03/1865, William Davidson

      17/02/1869, Margaret Davidson, age 69, Buchanhaven

      31/10/1873, David Davidson, age 5, Buchanhaven

      19/02/1879, Jane Baird or Davidson, age 47, Buchanhaven

      14/04/1887, Alex Davidson, age 60, Buchanhaven,

      18/06/1891, Robert W. Grant, age 3 ½, North Street


      E154 Davidson – Carter

      5/02/1876, Jane Davidson or Wallace, age 27, Buchanhaven

      4/11/1953, Catherine Davidson, age 82, Powie Place, Aberdeen

      Headstone Inscription:

      Erected by Alexander Davidson, farmer

      Buchanhaven in memory of his father

      George Davidson died 22nd Nov 1848

      aged 51 years also his mother Margaret

      Smart died 16th Feb 1869 aged 69 years

      also his children Charles died 9th March

      1855 in infancy William died 3rd March

      1865 aged 3 months David died 29th Oct

      1873 aged 5 years also of his wife Jane

      Baird who died 15th Feb 1879 aged 47

      years Deeply Regretted also the said

      Alexander Davidson who died 11th April

      1887 aged 60 years also their daughter

      Catherine Davidson died 2nd Nov 1953

      aged 81 years


      Peterhead Deaths 1869

      No.24,  Margaret Davidson, Widow of George Davidson, Vinter, died 16/02/1869 9h 30m AM at Buchanhaven, female, age 79 years, parents: John Smart, Soldier (dead) and Janet Smart ms Clark (dead), cause: pneumonia, six weeks, informant: Alexander Davidson, son, present, occupier.


      Peterhead Deaths 1876

      No.14, Jane Wallace, b 1849, father George Davidson, mother maiden name: Smart (don’t have copy or transcription, only indexed)


      Peterhead Deaths 1887

      No.64, Alexander Davidson, Farmer, Widow of Jane Baird, died 1887 April Eleventh 2h 30m AM at Buchanhaven, Peterhead, male, age 60 years, parents: George Davidson, Farmer (deceased) and Margaret Davidson ms Smart (deceased), cause: Epitheliomia? of Throat, 1 year, informant: Alexander Davidson, Son (present).


      Peterhead Deaths 1915

      No.24, William Baird Davidson, Labourer (Married to Jessie Jaffray), died 1915 January Twentysixth Noon, at 1 Threadneedle Street, Peterhead, male, age 79 years, parents: George Davidson, Innkeeper (deceased) and Margaret Davidson ms Smart (deceased), cause: Epithelioma left hand 1 year 3 months, informant: Jane Baird, Daughter (present) 8 North Street, Peterhead.


      Peterhead Marriages 1865

      No.25, 18/04/1865, George Davidson, farm servant (Bachelor), age 30, UR: Buchanhaven, parents: George Davdson, Vinter (dead) and Margaret Davidson ms Smart, married to Barabara Baird (Spinster), age 20, UR: Buchanhaven, parents: William Baird, labourer and Jean Baird ms Buchan. Witnesses: Abe? Stewart and William Davidson.


      Peterhead Marriages 1869

      No.57, 5/12/1869, The Manse, John Davidson (signed his x mark), farmer-servant, Widow of Elizabeth Lyon, age 30, UR: Buchanhaven, parents: George Davidson, Vinter (dead) and Margaret Davidson ms Smart (dead), married to Elizabeth Hastie (signed her x mark), (Spinster), age 24, UR: Buchanhaven, parents: James Hastie, Crofter and Jane Hastie ms Finnie. Witnesses: Alexander Davidson and William Baird.


      > I do know that Andrew Buchan and Barbara Davidson had 6 children, the oldest being born in 1859 in Peterhead.

      Peterhead 1896 Marriages

      No.12, 20/02/1896 Laings Hotel Peterhead, Alexander D. Buchan (signed), Cooper (Bachelor), age 37, UR: 1 Gladstone Road, Peterhead, parents: Andrew Buchan, Salmon Fisher and Barbara Buchan ms Davidson, married to Mary Milne Knight (signed) (Spinster), age 26, UR: 3 Ugie Street, Peterhead, parents: Alexander knight, Slater (deceased) and Margaret Leslie  formerly Knight ms Frsaer. Witnesses: John D. Buchan and Alexander Knight.




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