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5622Re: [Peterhead] FW: Captains Murray of Peterhead

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  • Colin Murray
    Jul 23, 2011
      Hi Andrew,
      Excellent to see you pop up on here, one of my missing family links, and a relation discovered!
      I'm currently on holiday in Cyprus but I shall e-mail you direct when I get back at the end of next week, and I should be able to fill you in with most things that you are looking for.
      Colin Murray

      On 23 July 2011 17:34, Wade Buchan <wsb@...> wrote:

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      My name is Andrew Alexander Murray and I am the great grandson of Captain
      Alexander Murray Jnr and would be very interested in making contact with all
      on this thread as I pursue the elusive Murray family history.

      I live in Australia where Alexander Murray Jnr's son Robert Bruce Hutchison
      moved to at the end of WWII with his young family (my father was 17)

      Please drop me a line to andrew@... so I can pick your collective

      I will, of course, follow the leads in this thread but would love someone to
      save me all the trouble as there seems to have been some excellent work
      carried out already

      Andrew Alexander Murray

      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "c" <cbaer@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Colin, Wade, Alex, and Marion for all these great pieces,
      resources, and connections!
      > I can add a few more likely references to Capt. Alexander Murray Sr.:
      > c.1878 Windward - Capt. Murray
      > 1879 - Windward - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to Greenland
      > 1880 - Windward - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to Greenland
      > 1880-81 Lloyd's - screw bark Windward of Peterhead, owner: Baxter
      > 1882 book: reference to a Captain Murray of Peterhead who wintered in the
      arctic 11 or 12 times, lived on seal meat
      > 1882 - Windward - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to Greenland
      > 1882 - Captains listed in Arctic Whalers, by Basil Lubbock: MURRAY -
      > 1883 - Windward - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to Greenland
      > 1884 - Windward - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to
      > 1884: whaler Windward sailed from Peterhead, Captain Murray
      > 1885- Perseverance - Peterhead - Master: Alexander Murray - to Davis
      > Sep 1886 - Perseverance - Capt. Murray - absent 14 months in Davis Strait
      - arrived in Peterhead
      > January & March, 1887- Brig Lord Saltoun of Peterhead, Alexander Murray,
      Master. - wintered at Niantilic Harbour
      > A couple of questions:
      > * Was a register ever published of whaling vessels leaving from and
      returning to Peterhead (or Dundee) and their catch, etc.?
      > * Is there a good directory of surviving logs and crewlists? (I'm
      especially interested in the logs of the Active and Ernest William in the
      early 1900s)
      > * Is the Scotsman archive you refer to http://archive.scotsman.com/ ?
      > * Do we know anything about Alexander's parents, wife, or other children?
      > Thanks again for all the great information, especially a couple of those
      books I'd never heard of. I'll see what I can drum up on Alexander Jr. and
      > Chris

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