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  • Wade Buchan
    May 22, 2011

      Hi Keith,


      There are some Aberdeenshire Episcopalian records that have survived and indexed.

      For example:

      Register of Baptisms ‘Espiscopalian’, Peterhead, Scotland 1738-1788, indexed by Archibald Strath Maxwell.  I think the Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS have these, can’t remember if they re-published.  They have also been filmed by the LDS which is where I first obtained the records (I have film numbers 874218 item 4 and 933436, you will need to check which is correct, Book 941.25/P1 V26p).


      Peterhead index has:

      Baigrie Elizabeth Petrie page 49

      Robert page 49


      No Sutherland


      Sorry don’t have page 49 for actual entry.


      From a quick Google search of Archibald Strath Maxwell:

      Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, St. Mary's Episcopal, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1842-1929  St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Inverurie, Aberdeen)

      Baptisms of St. John's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen, 1778-1855

      Register of baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1799-1911  Portsoy Episcopal Church (Banffshire, Scotland)

      Registers of baptisms, Episcopalian Church, Peterhead, Scotland, 1738- 1788  Maxwell, Archibald Strath

      Baptisms, marriages, and deaths of the Episcopal congregation at Lonmay, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1727-1854  Maxwell, Archibald Strath

      Register of baptisms, 1778-1855  St. John's Episcopal Church (Aberdeen, Scotland)

      Baptisms and marriages, Trinity Chapel (Episcopal), Aberdeen, Scotland, v. 1. 1753-1770 -- v. 2. 1770-1803.

      The registers of the Episcopal Congregation, Fraserburgh, Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney, Scotland, 1766-1884

      The registers of St. James the Great, Episcopal Chapel, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland, 1758-1880

      The registers of St. James the Less, Episcopal Chapel, Cruden, Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney, Scotland, 1807-1870 

      The registers of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Chapel, Drumlithie, Kincardineshire, Scotland, 1769-1883 

      St. Andrew's Episcopal Chapel, Banff, Banffshire, Scotland, 1723-1752





      From: Keith Baigrie [mailto:keith.baigrie@...]
      Sent: Sunday, 15 May 2011 2:08 PM
      To: wsb@...
      Subject: Re: BDM Indexes updated




      Sorry to trouble you but could I pick your brains regarding the situation with early Episcopalian BDMs?


      I have serious problems with my 'Baigrie' family records in Buchan, Aberdeenshire and in Sutherland..Could it be that they didn't actually write anything down for fear of retribution or possible persecution do you think?


      Hope you can help.


      Keith Baigrie



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