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5391Peterhead births, deaths and marriages

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  • Mary Barnes
    Jan 9, 2011
      Hi Wade,

      I'm glad your lists have been made available again. I think I got all I wanted out of them quite a long time ago, but who knows when I'll turn up someone new, and want to look them up? So thanks for making your data available again.

      I note that Colin Murray has made some additional contributions. I too have a great amount of Peterhead BMD data, and have been thinking that I should share it with others and wondering what is the best way to do so. It would save people the expense of paying for it on Scotland's People - which, I note, has just become more expensive.

      What's the best way of to go? Should I just post directly to this list, or would it be better to send the data to Wade, and have him add it to his lists, which would result in a more comprehensive set of data. By the way, my data consists mainly of Nicols (family of Matthew Nicol, ship master (1811-1877), and other families that married members of his family. There's also quite a number that turned out not to be related after all. It would be nice to think that the latter will not be wasted, but will be available to others.

      Mary Barnes

      Mary Barnes
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