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533Re: ARBUTHNOT 1851 census

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  • Val Lowrie
    Jun 26, 1999
      Hi Wade

      Many thanks for the info from the 1851 census and the Seamen's list.

      Would you believe the little word 'mother-in-law' was the all-important
      connection in the whole thing!!

      Kind regards

      Val Lowrie

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Wade Buchan <wsb@...>
      To: Peterhead@onelist.com <Peterhead@onelist.com>
      Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 10:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [Peterhead] ARBUTHNOT 1851 census

      >From: Wade Buchan <wsb@...>
      >Hi Val,
      >Val Lowrie wrote:
      >> In the 1851 Census again would there be a Susan Torry MITCHELL, wife
      >> of George ARBUTHNOT living at 67 Marischal St Peterhead.?
      >> .She died in 1859 and he died in 1861 both at the above address.
      >1851 Census, District 9, page 23, No.121, Marischal Street
      >Susan T. Arburnot, wife, 29, Peterhead
      >George Arburnot, son, 1, Peterhead
      >(not sure if I transcribed this incorrectly, or this is the way it was
      >spelt in the census).
      >Helen Mitchell, wife, 35, Peterhead
      >Susan E. Mitchell, daughter, 11, Peterhead
      >George Mitchell, son, 10, Peterhead
      >James Mitchell, son, 8, Peterhead
      >William Mitchell, son, 6, Peterhead
      >Helen D. Mitchell, daughter, 4, Peterhead
      >Mary D. H. Mitchell, daughter, 1, Peterhead
      >Helen Davidson, mother-in-law, 51, Peterhead
      >Jean McKenzie, servant, 19, Peterhead
      >Margaret Robb, servant, 18, Peterhead
      >Page. 22, Mo.120
      >James Mitchell, head, 67, Peterhead
      >Susan Mitchell, wife, 69, Peterhead
      >> Also re the seaman's list, would you mind giving me the information
      >> on
      >> John LOWRIE b. 1821 Peterhead 106324
      >106324, John Lowrie, born May 1821 Peterhead, Capacity: Blacksmith
      >Height 5 ft 8 in Hair Brown
      >Complexion Dark Eyes Dark
      >Marks None
      >First went to sea as Blacksmith in the Year 1843
      >Has served in the Royal Navy: No
      >Has been in Foreign Service: No
      >When unemployed, resides at: Peterhead
      >Issued at Peterhead 3 March 1845
      >Age when ticketed: 24
      >Can Write: Yes
      >> John LAWRENCE b. 1825 Peterhead and 106312
      >106312, John Lawrence, born 13 October 1825 Peterhead, Capacity:
      >Height 5 ft 6 1/2 in Hair Light
      >Complexion Ruddy Eyes Grey
      >Marks None
      >First went to sea as Apprentice in the Year 1842
      >Has served in the Royal Navy No
      >Has been in Foreign Service No
      >When unemployed, resides at Fraserburgh
      >Issued at Peterhead 30 January 1845
      >Age when ticketed 20
      >Can Write Yes
      >> Thomas LAWRENCE, b. 1818 Lonmay. 106374
      >106374, Thomas Lawrence, born 9 October 1818 Lonmay, Capacity: Seaman &
      >Height 5 ft 7 in Hair Brown
      >Complexion Fair Eyes Grey
      >Marks None
      >First went to sea as Seaman in the Year 1845
      >Has served in the Royal Navy No
      >Has been in Foreign Service No
      >When unemployed, resides at Peterhead
      >Issued at Peterhead 26 Februar 1845
      >Age when ticketed 27
      >Can Write No
      >Regards, Wade.
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