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529Re: ARBUTHNOT 1851 census

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  • Wade Buchan
    Jun 20, 1999
      Hi Val,

      Val Lowrie wrote:

      > In the 1851 Census again would there be a Susan Torry MITCHELL, wife
      > of George ARBUTHNOT living at 67 Marischal St Peterhead.?
      > .She died in 1859 and he died in 1861 both at the above address.

      1851 Census, District 9, page 23, No.121, Marischal Street
      Susan T. Arburnot, wife, 29, Peterhead
      George Arburnot, son, 1, Peterhead
      (not sure if I transcribed this incorrectly, or this is the way it was
      spelt in the census).

      Helen Mitchell, wife, 35, Peterhead
      Susan E. Mitchell, daughter, 11, Peterhead
      George Mitchell, son, 10, Peterhead
      James Mitchell, son, 8, Peterhead
      William Mitchell, son, 6, Peterhead
      Helen D. Mitchell, daughter, 4, Peterhead
      Mary D. H. Mitchell, daughter, 1, Peterhead
      Helen Davidson, mother-in-law, 51, Peterhead
      Jean McKenzie, servant, 19, Peterhead
      Margaret Robb, servant, 18, Peterhead

      Page. 22, Mo.120
      James Mitchell, head, 67, Peterhead
      Susan Mitchell, wife, 69, Peterhead

      > Also re the seaman's list, would you mind giving me the information
      > on
      > John LOWRIE b. 1821 Peterhead 106324

      106324, John Lowrie, born May 1821 Peterhead, Capacity: Blacksmith
      Height 5 ft 8 in Hair Brown
      Complexion Dark Eyes Dark
      Marks None
      First went to sea as Blacksmith in the Year 1843
      Has served in the Royal Navy: No
      Has been in Foreign Service: No
      When unemployed, resides at: Peterhead
      Issued at Peterhead 3 March 1845
      Age when ticketed: 24
      Can Write: Yes

      > John LAWRENCE b. 1825 Peterhead and 106312

      106312, John Lawrence, born 13 October 1825 Peterhead, Capacity:
      Height 5 ft 6 1/2 in Hair Light
      Complexion Ruddy Eyes Grey
      Marks None
      First went to sea as Apprentice in the Year 1842
      Has served in the Royal Navy No
      Has been in Foreign Service No
      When unemployed, resides at Fraserburgh
      Issued at Peterhead 30 January 1845
      Age when ticketed 20
      Can Write Yes

      > Thomas LAWRENCE, b. 1818 Lonmay. 106374

      106374, Thomas Lawrence, born 9 October 1818 Lonmay, Capacity: Seaman &
      Height 5 ft 7 in Hair Brown
      Complexion Fair Eyes Grey
      Marks None
      First went to sea as Seaman in the Year 1845
      Has served in the Royal Navy No
      Has been in Foreign Service No
      When unemployed, resides at Peterhead
      Issued at Peterhead 26 Februar 1845
      Age when ticketed 27
      Can Write No

      Regards, Wade.
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