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5229Re: Losses of Seamen and Fishermen from Peterhead

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  • v11buk
    Feb 10, 2010
      Hi Alison

      Some more information for you that might be of help -
      One of my 2x grt uncles, George WATT (1824-1883) was a seaman and worked on the whaling boats out of Peterhead. For some time he was a Spectioneer (a senior harpooner and officer in charge of directing the cutting of the blubber from the whale).

      In 1848, whilst returning across the Atlantic on the whaler "Hannibal", under the command of Captain Lowrie, the ship was driven on to the coast of Norway. Every life was lost, except for one ….. my ancestor George WATT .
      I have information on George, plus some background information and newspaper articles from the Aberdeen Herald and The Scotsman (May 1848) which give accounts of the tragedy.

      Just let me know if I can be of any help.
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