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5044Deaths 25 May - 30 June 1848

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  • Cci
    Apr 24, 2009
      Margaret Forrest is in my line,
      Best wishes,

      25th - 31st May1848
      25th harrat Berne 2yrs 3 mo
      27th Astir child of James Chino?
      29th Barbra Gordon 36yrs
      30th William Kay shu maker 35yrs
      31st heclen" Watt 3 mo
      31st George Skilten Broad Street 59yrs

      5th June Robart Gibb carpenter or bot bu???? 69yrs
      7th Margrat Shan Back Street 71 yrs
      9th Alexr Whit Wallis stranger 21mo
      12th Ann Seller, Bateom
      13th Jannet Sowne? 80yrs
      13th Matthew Fla, Keith Inch 15yrs 9mo
      14th Margrat Forrest Back Street 35yrs
      17th Elisabeth Wallis Kirk lun 1yrs 2mo
      19th Robart Grant Maiden Street 15yrs
      19th Margrat Norrie 49yrs
      20th Mary Ann Cormak 14yrs
      21st Barbra Webster 10mo
      22nd James Ross 16days
      23rd Alexander Brws Boddam 11mo
      26th William Lawson, Carpenter 71yrs
      26th Alexander Warrander 16yrs
      29th Thomas Forest, Kertr 67yrs
      30th William Jonston, Gardner, Erenette? 53yrs

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