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497Re: Seaman's Tickets

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  • Wade Buchan
    Jun 6, 1999
      Hi Alex,

      Alex Ritchie wrote:

      > Does anyone have any Seaman's Ticket Info which is "searchable" ?

      I have started a Peterhead Seamen Index (Peterhead born or living in
      Peterhead). So far over 450.

      > I have ordered film from my local LDS Family History Centre but have been waiting a > VERY LONG time.....and still waiting.

      I currently have a film of Seaman's Tickets which I ordered back in
      Decemeber. I haven't been through it all yet, but I found a group of
      about 100 from Peterhead. I will put up the list from the film soon
      (probably next weekend).

      > John Martin (b.1808 in Peterhead)

      Did I send you the crew agreement for the "Taurus" of Aberdeen of which
      John Martin was Master ? I still have a pile of Crew Agreements that I
      haven't entered into the index yet.

      Regards, Wade.
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