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4756Re: [Peterhead] 3 x 1909 death certs.

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  • christina stark
    Mar 1, 2008
      number 97...does it give you a maiden name for mary?? does it say who the informant was?

      Cci <cci@...> wrote:
      Hi group.
      3 death certificates, NONE related to me and 1 death date RELATED to me.

      related death
      Joseph Davidson born 15th April 1867 Peterhead
      died 1962 age 95, Peterhead (married to Kate Butler)
      father John Davidson
      mother Joan Ogston

      1909 deaths
      No 97
      Mary Buchan (widow of John Buchan, fisherman)
      when and where; 1909 May 18th? 8hr P.M.
      36 High Street Buchanhaven Peterhead
      sex' F
      age; 42 years
      mother Janet Taylor, Fishworker afterwards married to
      John Buchan, Fisherman
      cause of death; Pli????
      informant; ????? Buchan, son and inmate (present)
      registered; 1909 May 14th at Peterhead

      No 98
      Alexander Davidson (single)
      where and when; 1909 May 19th, 5hr P.M.
      38 Windmill Street
      sex; M
      age; 11 1/2 m
      father; James Davidson (Carter)
      mother; Margaret Davidson, MS Mason
      cause of death; Phenumonia
      informat; James Davidson (father)
      registered; 1909 May 20th at Peterhead

      No 99
      Kate Davidson (single)
      when and where; 1909 May 22nd, 7hr A.M.
      sex; F
      age; 11 hours
      father; Robert Davidson (Cabinetmaker)
      mother; Catherine Davidson, MS Moir
      cause of death; S?????????? 7 hours
      informant; Robert Davidson (father), present
      registered; 1909 May 22nd at Peterhead

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