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  • Ray Hennessy
    Oct 1 4:56 PM
      Re mlarooij's query and Carolyn's response:

      I feel I have to caution mlarooij about the value of the Buchanie
      archive, especially if you cannot get to Scotland [from New
      Zealand it's not a simple day-trip!!]

      We spent a frustrating afternoon in the Peterhead Library last May.
      Unfortunately the Observer is not indexed in any way, at least not
      back in the mid-Victorian period. The staff were very helpful, but
      they could do nothing to help us find reports of ancestors. These
      turned out to be non-existent - the reports, not the ancestors - as
      far as we could determine.

      The film reader only showed half of each page so we had to move
      left to right every time we moved on to a new screenful of image.
      The facility could not have been less user-friendly if they had tried.

      Not the staff's fault but unless you know more or less exactly when
      an event might have been reported, it is a very hit-or-miss affair.
      And you either have to go to the library or get someone to do it for
      you - probably for a fee - with no guarantee of success.

      Sorry to rain on the parade but it is as well to be aware. To answer
      mlarooij's original question: death notices for local tradesmen would
      be inserted in the paper by relatives. Obituaries would be published
      only if the person was of good standing in the community although
      notoriety might also be recorded! We couldn't find any of value in
      two hours eye-splitting searching but we have no idea if the rellies
      we were looking for would have been worth reporting in the paper.

      But, despite all the above misery, good luck with your search.


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      From: "Carolyn Morrisey" <carolyn.morrisey@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:56 PM
      Subject: Re: [Peterhead] Newspapers

      > For any local news, the Buchan Observer (Buchanie) is certainly the
      > way
      > to go. It is full of advertisments and local news and of course the
      > usual births, deaths and marriages. The on-line archives only cover
      > the last few years. The Peterhead Library has a full set on
      > microfilm. Via this forum, I got a very nice local lady to help me
      > with some copying earlier this year.
      > Good luck
      > Carolyn
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      > From: mlarooij <mlarooij@...>
      > Date: Monday, October 2, 2006 7:41 am
      > Subject: [Peterhead] Newspapers
      > To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      >> In attempting to crack brick walls I wonder if the early
      >> newspapers
      >> for Peterhead are any help? Does anyone have knowledge of these? I
      >> realise any obits would be in the main for well-known people but
      >> would
      >> these include local tradesmen? Anything useful at all?
      >> TIA
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