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3758Re: [Peterhead] 1861 Census - Helen Mitchell- Domestic Servant;Replies

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  • Ray Hennessy
    Feb 13, 2006
      Hi List

      Just a little addition to Jim's latest.

      We believe that New Pitsligo [a.k.a. Tyrie] was a great centre
      for Stocking Knitters. Sheena's GGrandmother had seven
      step-sisters and most of them went and lived near one another
      in Tyrie [High Street and School Street] in the 1870s.

      I imagine the factor for this industry was the local Laird [can't
      remember the family name, it's on the main memorial there].
      The town is built like a model village, with rows of similar small
      granite houses along three of four main streets which suggests
      that the main owner had a good reason for building the 100+ houses..

      Our very extended families - there are four mothers we know
      about - seemed to do well there. They were obviously very
      companionable in their step-sisterhood and even looked after
      a disabled step sister until she died aged 69. That's devotion!


      Ray Hennessy
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