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3726Introducing myself & my Peterhead forebears.

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  • Hester NicEilidh
    Feb 5, 2006
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      Hello, all:

      I live in Toronto, Canada, and my maternal grandmother's parents
      emigrated from Peterhead to Owen Sound, Ontario around 1890. Their
      names were Alexander Forbes and Elizabeth Ann Imlah. When they
      emigrated, they were already married, with 3 children. Alexander
      left for Canada first, to find work, then sent for Elizabeth and the
      children to follow. They later had 11 more children here in Canada.

      Using the General Register Office of Scotland's on-line database, I
      found their marriage certificate. At the time of their marriage in
      1884, he was a cooper living at 18E St. Peter St and she was a mill
      worker living at 1 Constitution St.

      However, when I visited Peterhead last year, I was disappointed to
      find that both residences had been knocked down, in the former case
      replaced by now apparently derelict apartments, and in the latter
      case replaced by a modern shop.

      Tracing further back using GROS, I discovered that Alexander Forbes'
      parents had lived slightly inland, in the Kirkton of Logie Buchan.

      Elizabeth Imlah's family were Peterhead residents, though. Her
      parents, Mary-Anne Milne and John Imlah, lived on Kirk Street. They
      were born in 1848 & 1847 respectively. He was a carter in 1865, but
      had changed his occupation to seaman by 1869.

      From their marriage certificate, I learned that Mary-Anne Milne's
      parents were named Elizabeth Walker and James Milne (a sawyer), and
      that John Imlah's parents were Mary-Ann Burd and James Imlay (note
      spelling difference). I have no birth dates or birth places yet for
      this generation, but I did find that James Imlay was a slater by
      trade and had died by 1869.

      When I visited Peterhead, I looked for the graves for these
      forebears, but without success. Unfortunately, I was on a very
      tight schedule and only had time to search one churchyard, that of
      the now derelict church beside the woolen mills. In future, I will
      check the ANESFSH lists first.

      Looking forward to learning more about genealogical research methods
      from all of you, and to hearing from any group members who may share
      some of my ancestors. I'm also interested in information about
      daily life and culture in Peterhead in the 19th century and earlier.

      Cheers, Hester
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