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3572Re: [Peterhead] Buchan/Milne family of Peterhead

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  • Cci
    Aug 15 3:30 AM
      I'm not related to your family but this was on Ancestry, and might help.

      Peter Buchan, Fisherman in Buchanhaven and Jean Buchan his wife, a dau Jean George
      born 30-11-1846 bap 30-11-1846
      before david Cow and Robert Buchan

      Peter Buchan, Fisherman in Buchanhaven and Jean Buchan his wife a son Peter
      born 21-1-1849 bap 30-1-1849
      before John and Robert Buchan

      Peter Buchan, Fisherman in Buchanhaven, a dau Mary
      bap 5-8-1837
      before Arthur Buchan and Arthur Buchan jnr

      Peter Buchan, Fisherman in Buchanhaven a dau Barbara
      born 4-8-1843 bap 7-8-1843
      before Arthur and John Buchan

      Peter Buchan, Seaman and Fisherman in Buchanhaven a son
      born 5-8-1841 bap 7-8-1841 named Peter
      before Hector Buchan and John Buchan

      Peter Buchan, Fisherman in Peterhead a dau Elizabeth
      born 9-7-1842 bap 16-7-1842
      before James Ritchie and Robert Buchan

      There are many more entries where Peter Buchan is witness to other Buchan entries of births and baptisms.
      If you would like them, I don't mind sending them to you.

      Best wishes,

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      Hello and Thank you for accepting me into your group.
      I am researching my Milne family and on my search discovered an unknown son
      of James Milne and his wife Ann(nee Thain), this son William Milne born
      about 1844 in King Edward married Elizabeth Buchan of Peterhead.

      From the marriage cert of William Milne and Elizabeth Buchan dated 22nd
      January 1863 it states Elizabeth parents as Peter Buchan fisherman, Jean
      Buchan nee Buchan.
      Elizabeth from Burnhaven? Peterhead.
      William at Seagate Peterhead
      Robert Buchan is listed as witness as well as Alexander May they were
      married at the congr. church Peterhead.

      Using the IGI index I have come up with Peter Buchan and Jean Buchan having
      the following Children:-
      Jean George Buchan 1846
      John 1859
      William 1857
      Robert 1851
      Elizabeth 1842
      I would like to know if anyone else is researching this family so that I can
      confirm these are the correct Buchan family.

      From the 1881 Census
      I find William Milne and wife Elizabeth nee Buchan residing at 10 Seagate
      the following children are listed:-
      Elizabeth Milne aged 17
      Jane Milne aged 15
      Margaret Milne aged 11
      William Milne aged 9

      is there anyone researching this family?

      Another question is does anyone else connect to the Milne family above.as I
      can share info on the Thain side and William Milne`s sister Elizabeth Milne
      who married Archibald Penny.

      thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to be able to connect
      with other descendants of these families.

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