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3026Peterhead Deaths

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  • Linda Adam
    Jan 19, 2004
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      232 / 01 0064
      Christina Sim Noble Buchan
      Married to John Buchan, Fisherman
      Apr. 02,1907, 7h a.m., 9 A----anythie Rd., Phd.
      Age 37
      Parents: Andrew Noble, Fisherman and Jessie Noble m.s. Sim
      Cause: Cancer of Liver
      Informant: Peter Buchan, Brother-in-law, 7a Shiprow, Phd.

      232 / 01 0065
      Margaret Stuart
      Widow of James Stuart, Tanner
      Apr. 02,1907, 10h 15m p.m., Katteburn, Inverugie, Phd.
      Age 91
      Parents: George Anderson, Farmer (deceased) and Isabella Anderson m.s. Cowie (deceased)
      Cause: Senile Decay
      Informant: James Cardno, Grandson, present, Burnmill, St. Fergus

      232 / 01 0066
      James Milne, Fisherman
      Married to Helen Buchan
      Apr. 05, 1907, 8h 50m p.m., 5 Skelton St., Buchanhaven, Phd.
      Age 30
      Parents: Robert Milne, Fisherman (deceased) and Sophia Milne m.s. Brown
      Cause: Spinal Caries Abscess
      Informant: Robert Milne Brother and Inmate, present

      232 / 01 0088
      Margaret Buchan
      Married to Andrew Buchan, Fisherman
      July 21,1924, 4h 15m p.m., 5 Jamaica St., Phd.
      Age 72
      Parents: John Forman, Fisherman (deceased) and Margaret Forman m.s. Bruce (deceased)
      Cause: Chronic Nephritis,& ?
      Informant: Andrew Buchan, Son & Inmate Present

      232 / 01 0089
      John Johnston, Bowling Greenkeeper
      Married to Jane Keith
      July 24,1924, 8h a.m., 13 Constitution St., Phd.
      Age 74
      Parents: John Johnston, Mason (deceased) and Barbara Johnston m.s. Angus (deceased)
      Cause: Chronic Bronchitis & Bronchi-----, 4yrs 5mo, Basal Pneumonia, Cardiac Failure
      Informant: Illegible, brother-in-law, 111 Queen St., Phd.

      232 / 01 0090
      Mary Anne Stuart, single
      July 24,1924, 3h 45m p.m., 39 Kirk St., Phd.
      Age 76
      Parents: James Stuart, Tanner (Master) (deceased) and Margaret Stuart m.s. Anderson (deceased)
      Cause: Cerebral Haemorrhage and Hemiplegia 5yrs, Cerebral Softening, 21 days
      Informant: Agnes Hutchison, Niece, present, 30 York St., Phd.

      Linda Adam
      Kitchener, Ontario

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