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2338Peterhead Deaths

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  • Linda Adam
    Apr 29 11:41 AM
      Peterhead and Newhills deaths from searches I have made. Hopefully they will be of help to a list member. If further details should be required I will be glad to forward them. My specific interest is the Birnie surname.

      Margaret Irvine (M.S. Begrie), age 35, married to James Irvine, Seaman
      Margaret Davidson, age 82, Single
      Fanny Birnie (M.S. Henry), age 83, Widow of Alexander Birnie

      Margaret Foreman, age 15, Single (parents William Foreman and Margaret Strachan)
      Alexanderina Birnie (M.S. Bruce), Married to George Birnie, Harbour Master
      William Davidson, Seaman, age 32, Married to Ann Adams

      Christian Buchan (M.S. May), age 64, Widow of John Buchan, Fisherman
      Janet Willox Forbes, age 17 mo. (parents David Forbes & Janet Willox Birnie)
      Elspet Bain, age 17 hours (parents Robert Bain & Margaret Clark)

      1886: Parish of Newhills
      Elsie Birnie (M.S. Pirie), age 26, married to Alexander Birnie, Stone Dresser ?
      John Simpson, Crofter, age 81 years, Widower of Ann Martin
      Mary Jane Gill, age 16, Single (parents Thomas Gill and Elizabeth Godsman)

      Eveline Mary Petrie, age 15 mo., (parents William Ogg Petrie and Charlotte Pirie)
      Elizabeth May Horne, age 10 mo., (parents Donald Horne and Annie McDonald)
      Margaret Yule Birnie (M.S. Smith), age 75, Married to George Birnie, Retired Harbour Master

      Andrew Cow, age 1 yr., (parents John Taylor Cow & Mary Stephen)
      George Arbuthnot Birnie, Retired Harbourmaster, age 81 years, Widower of
      1. Alexanderina Bruce
      2. Margaret Yule Smith
      Alexander Young, Landed Proprietor, age 71, married to Mary Christina Fairley

      Linda Adam
      Ontario, Canada

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