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2290Re: [Peterhead] Digest Number 798

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  • Becchi Oesterle
    Feb 1, 2003
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      I apparently missed where this information came from. Was there any
      additional information available? I'm interested in William Cordiner -
      Fisherman 1820 - 1824 and Alexander Cordiner.


      Becchi Oesterle
      Missouri, USA

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      >Subject: [Peterhead] Digest Number 798
      >Date: 28 Nov 2002 16:52:15 -0000
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      > 1. Sea related jobs 1824
      > From: "Ivo" <cvj@...>
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      > Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 15:47:58 +0800
      > From: "Ivo" <cvj@...>
      >Subject: Sea related jobs 1824
      >George Taylor, ship master
      >Lachlan Mackinnon, sailor
      >William Robertson, sailor
      >Thomas Souttar, sailor
      >George Stephen, fisherman
      >James Thom, sailor
      >Alexander Sellar, fisherman
      >John Ross, sailor
      >Charles Monro, sailor
      >John Kean, sailor
      >James Scott, boat builder
      >Thomas Brien, sailor
      >John Whyte, ship master
      >William Taylor, fisherman
      >James Webster, sailor
      >James MacKenzie, sailor
      >William Bruce, sailor
      >James Hutchison, sailor
      >Alexander Sievewright, sailor
      >William Skinner, sailor
      >Hawthorn Stuart, sailor
      >Andrew Milne, sailor
      >Andrew Buchan, sailor
      >William Cordiner, fisherman 1820-1824
      >William Yule, sailor
      >Alexander Stevenson, boat builder
      >George Strachan, sailor
      >James Rancy?, sailor
      >Robert Stephen, sailor
      >William Cruickshank, sailor
      >Robert Strachan, fisherman
      >George Greig, sailor
      >Adam Cardno, sailor
      >James Leisk, sailor
      >William Will, sailor
      >Robert Robertson, ship master
      >George MacDougal, sailor
      >John Ogston, sailor
      >William Gregory, sailor
      >John Reid, sailor
      >Alexander Stuart, sailor
      >Peter Robb, sailor
      >John Butler, sailor
      >Matthew Ferguson, sailor
      >Robert Bruce, fisherman
      >William Wallace, sailor
      >John MacKenzie, sailor
      >William Birney, sailor
      >George Allerdyce, sailor
      >George Smith, sailor
      >Daniel Ross, sailor
      >James Wedderburn, sailor
      >William Birny, sailor
      >William Donald, sailor
      >Thomas Russel, sailor
      >Alexander Brown, fisherman'
      >Alexander Wallace, sailor
      >John Hutchison, sailor
      >Alexander Robertson, sailor
      >William Walker, sailor
      >John Matthew, sailor
      >David Stephen, sailor
      >James Duthy, sailor
      >Robert Forbes, sailor
      >Jacob Straus, sailor
      >George Simpson, ship master
      >John Morrison, sailor
      >John MacAndrew, preventative boatman
      >George Anderson, sailor
      >Alexander Brown, ship master
      >John Park, fisherman
      >Stephen Green, preventative boatman
      >George Ross, ship master
      >Alexander Cordiner, fisherman
      >Alexander Ledingham, sailor
      >Joseph Black, sailor
      >Alexander Pirie, mariner
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