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1656Buchans of Peterhead

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  • colin collie
    Mar 6, 2002
      Hi Wade
      Further to my last message as I said my grandmotherwas Jane Buchan born in
      1856 her Father James Buchan was born in 8/6/1841 in Peterhead his wife was
      Mary Buchan born 1843 in Buchanhaven. James's parents were John Buchan and
      Christian May this is where I went wrong I put the wrong set of parents for
      each. could you confirm which is which
      (1)John Buchan Born 1816 in Buchanhaven and christened 25/2/1816 died
      20/7/1850 and buried in lair B 219 in St Peters Churchyard also in the lair
      are Mary Buchan 15/4/1892 age 48, John Buchan 30/11/1905 age 19, John Buchan
      8/2/1908 age 62 Mary T Buchan 22/12/1909 age 5o and Barbara Buchan 18/3/1897
      age 48. I got this from the registrars in Peterhead.
      the other John Buchan was born 1817 in Peterhead and christened 19/10/1817
      one of them was married to Christian May and the other to Elizabeth Foreman
      the one born in 1817's father was Arthur he was born in 1788 in Lonmay and
      died in 1840 in Peterhead now I have details of lair B211 Arthur Buchan
      3/5/1840 age 53, three infant children of above unnamed the rest all sunamed
      Buchan Christian 3/2/1842 age 13, George 11/1843 age 1 1/2 Peter 20/7/1845
      age 4 Elspet DOB 17/8/1823 30/11/1849 age 25, Isabella 6/9/1851 age 1, Janet
      18/9/1852 William 9/12/1862 age 72, James 1/5/1872 age 5 months and Andrew
      Lair 222 Andrew Strachan 17/11/1842 age 3 1/2, Christian Buchan 14/2/1843
      age 13, Margaret Foreman 18/3/1846 4 months, Andrew Buchan 19/10/1855 age
      35, Alexander Buchan 30/1/1884 age 83, Janet Buchan 9/10/1884 age 90, June
      S.Buchan 8/4/1905 age 82, Bethia Buchan 1/2/1906 and Andrew and William
      Innes ages 1hr & 8Hrs from 7 Almonethy Road Peterhead.
      I don't know if you have these records I got them in Peterhead last time I
      was up.
      Any help you can give me will be most appreciated
      All the best

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