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1501Re: [Peterhead] Episcopalian Records

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  • olorosoo@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2001

      that's an interesting point about migration. My ancestor John Coull was born
      in Buckie, in Banffshire, moving to Peterhead at some point in the early
      1800s. Most of north east Scotland was affected by famine in the late 18th
      century, so perhaps people moved to the coast where fishing would supplement
      crops - it would be interesting to know the population trends in these areas.
      Clearances tended to be in the areas where there was less arable farming and
      more scope for sheep - ie the Highlands rather than the Lowlands.

      There's a fascinating book "A guide to Scottish population history from the
      17th century to the 1930s" edited by Michael Flinn and published by
      Cambridge University Press in 1977 whcih deals with some of these issues and
      lots more besides. I think it is out of print - I had borrowed it from a
      friend but had to return it.


      researching: Coull, Cordiner, Sandy, Sykes, Alexander

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