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1401Elizabeth Birnie

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  • Alex Ritchie
    Jun 1, 2001
      For : Anne Watson

      Hi Anne,
      Ref. your question about Elizabeth Birnie.(Married to William Carnegie?).
      Her parents were Charles Birnie (Ship's Captain)(Born 1835, Died 1905) & Elizabeth Martin.(Born 1837, Died 1917)
      I think they may have lived at 32 St.Mary Street.

      Charles Birnie's parents were John Birnie (Butcher)(Born 1809, died 1864) & Elspet Hall (Born 1807, Died 1897)
      John Birnie was from the Parish of Cruden. Elspet Hall lived in the village of Boddam (Peterhead Parish).

      Elizabeth Martin's parents were John Martin (Shipmaster) & Margaret Watt

      The Martins link in directly to my Family Tree through my mother's side of the family. THe Birnies and the Martins were very close and there were other marriages between those families.
      Let me know if you need any more information. I would be pleased to hear what information you have on Elizabeth Birnie.

      Best Regards...........................................Alex Ritchie

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