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1299Re: [Peterhead] Bullers Of Buchan

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  • Wilson Family
    Feb 6, 2001
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      At 12:42 04/02/2001, you wrote:

      >I just recently purchased a print called The Buller of Buchan - Near
      >Peterhead. Does anyone know anything about this? It looks about like where
      >Thief's Loop is. If anyone has any information about it, I would love to

      Hi Becchi,

      As others have said, the Bullers of Buchan are very high cliffs just south
      of Peterhead. I have a photo if you would like one sent privately (scanned
      in). The photo shows a very high arch in the rock, in front of a ravine
      which must have been carved out from underneath by the sea and then
      collapsed from the top, if that makes sense... Unfortunately it was foggy
      the day I was there, but it must be spectacular scenery in sunshine,
      similar to Tasman's Arch if anyone has visited the Tasman Peninsula near
      Port Arthur in Tasmania.

      When I was looking at census records I found that there were several
      families living there in the late 1800s (I was curious about the row of
      houses not far from the edge of the cliff - great place to bring up
      children!!) and a book about the fishing industry etc said that at one
      point 8-10 boats operated from there - almost unbelievable when you see the
      height of the cliffs, but I guess there is a bit of shingle somewhere at
      the base, and a path up?

      Elisabeth Wilson
      South Hobart, Tasmania
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