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Re: I'm back...

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  • Patrick DeVoe
    ... moulted ... mated 2 ... My T. ... ... and ... on my ... byte ... she ... girl. ... Hows things going? Yes I ask Bert about loss of intrest on
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2008
      --- In Pet_Tarantulas@yahoogroups.com, "Elaine" <ElaiRs@...> wrote:
      > Hi Patrick :)
      > Can I please borrow your costume for rehousing my H. lividum? lol.
      > Glad to hear your spiders are doing well. B. smithi are one of my
      > favourite T's. I finally got around to buying one. He promptly
      > a couple of days later and is male :( He is only 3.5 inches so at
      > least I will have him for a little while yet before he matures and
      > goes out for breeding.
      > I have an A. sp "Peru purple" out on loan just now and he has
      mated 2
      > females so far and still has 2 more to visit so fingers crossed.
      My T.
      > latipes male went out on loan but got eaten by the first female he
      > mated. Thankfully the female laid an eggsac so fingers crossed for
      > that as well.
      > Anyway, nice to see you back mate. I love the costume :)
      > Elaine x
      > --- In Pet_Tarantulas@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick DeVoe"
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been working alot
      > > building a 501st Clone Trooper costume. See Photo by clicking
      on my
      > > name. No more worries about handling my Tarantulas they can't
      > > through this armor,LOL. Both Tarantulas are fine and delightful.
      > > I noticed my RedKnee seems to be loseing its hair on it abdomen
      > > must be getting ready to moult again. She is going to be a big
      > > So how is everyone doing? Any new Tarantula books published?
      > > Well I look forward to any questions/comments.
      > > Thanks, Patrick
      > >
      > Hey Elaine,
      Hows things going? Yes I ask Bert about loss of intrest on handling
      my Tarantulas but by no meens do I want to get rid of them!
      They are cool,I just haven't had the time, with work and assembling
      this starwars costume. I will post me handling them as soon as I get
      the armor completed.I think It would be a cool pic in the costume
      holding the Tarantula.You heard of "EDD" I may have "TDD" Tarantula
      It will pass, it is Saturday and I'm heading out to a Starwar
      Convention.The group is helping me put together this armor.One of
      the members wives works at a Museume and she says she takes care of
      the Tarantulas there.I have to go and see what they have,and probly
      leave with there collection.That would be cool to have some other
      Tarantulas.I think that is what I need a new T. The Brazillian Black.
      That would be Awesome! Well have a good day,
      Your Frind, Patrick
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