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Re: Tarantula Stuff

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  • Andrew Olson
    heh, that s cool that you got your spider back :)
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 13, 2005
      heh, that's cool that you got your spider back :)

      --- In Pet_Tarantulas@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <X_POWERMAN_X@h...>
      > sorry I couldnt figure out how to make a new post so I guess Ill just
      > say it here. I bought a half inch Chaco Golden Knee about 5 months
      > ago...I kept it for a month and in that time it burrowed and molted.
      > One day after not seeing her in sometime I lifted the rock over her
      > den and couldnt find her, so I looked around the rest of the tank and
      > finally came to the conclussion that somehow she got out. Well 4
      > months later I find between my desk and T.V. my glasses case that I
      > had lost way back in the day. So i open up my case and hurl it across
      > the room with an expletive. When I stopped shakeing I made her a new
      > home, crippled some crickets, and poured water on her. She perked up
      > in a few days and is know as happy as can be.
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